Is title bar enabled.

Posted on 2003-11-13
Last Modified: 2010-05-01

     Does anyone knows how to check title bar status(if enabled or disabled) using API. What I meant by enable and disable is wheather if it is visible or not.
Question by:homerWS
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Expert Comment

ID: 9740214
Titlebar of what ?

Author Comment

ID: 9740236
LVL 14

Expert Comment

ID: 9740536
Private Sub Command1_Click()
    If Me.BorderStyle <> 0 And Me.Visible = True Then
        MsgBox "Visible"
        MsgBox "Not visible"
    End If
End Sub
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Author Comment

ID: 9740664

      I do know how to handle via BorderStyle....  but I am more interested in using API.

Expert Comment

ID: 9740862
I think what you're trying to do is find out when someone switches focus away from your application to something else, or vice versa... no?

If that's the case, then you need a "onlostfocus" event on the main form... no?

Author Comment

ID: 9742078

      No not that, I am creating a IDE (much like VB IDE), where I have a check box that can select and deselected title bar for a MDI child form.

Accepted Solution

InTheWind earned 20 total points
ID: 9742272
so then you want to toggle visible, based on the current value...

toolbar.visible = not (toolbar.visible)

This will just switch the value with the opposite of the current value. In the case of the title bar, this is a property in VB which is determined by whether or not there is a title caption and control box. What kind of a window it is...tool window, etc...

So, if you wanted to use an API to test the title bar you would probably need to create your own function to do this, based on some other API functions.

This function allows you to move a titlebarless window...

      Private Declare Function SendMessage Lib "User32" _
                         Alias "SendMessageA" (ByVal hWnd As Long, _
                                               ByVal wMsg As Long, _
                                               ByVal wParam As Long, _
                                               lParam As Any) As Long

      Private Declare Sub ReleaseCapture Lib "User32" ()

      Const HTCAPTION = 2

      Private Sub Form_Load()
         Command1.Caption = "Exit"
      End Sub

      Private Sub Form_MouseMove(Button As Integer, Shift As Integer, _
                                 X As Single, Y As Single)
         Dim lngReturnValue As Long

         If Button = 1 Then
            Call ReleaseCapture
            lngReturnValue = SendMessage(Form1.hWnd, WM_NCLBUTTONDOWN, _
                                         HTCAPTION, 0&)
         End If
      End Sub

      Private Sub Command1_Click()
      End Sub

This article is something I have used before...;en-us;147815&Product=vb6 to flash the title bar.

Perhaps some help you can find in these.


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