How to Connect 2 Pc's via Ethernet

I have 2 PC's
One has XP, the other has W2k. Both have an ethernet card.

How can I connect one to the other WITHOUT a hub/router, just by using the 2 ethernet cards and a cable (i know I need a 'special' kind of cable).... Can someone please outline...
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Check this and the links given in the bottom of the page

And of course, you won't be able to use DHCP. You'll need to assign one computer an IP address  and the other PC gets an IP address of and both computers get another subnet mask of You can leave all other values in TCP/IP empty.
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ashok_001Author Commented:
Would this work with different variants of Windows (XP Pro to 98) (Xp Pro to W2k).

Also isn't the null modem option awfully slow for GIGS of data?

Last Question why use as an IP? Can't I pick any 2 nearly identical IP's?
ashok_001Author Commented:
So my understanding is I just need to purchase a CrossOvercable,disable DCHP,Make Workgroup the Same, Change IP,reboot and I'd be able to see the other PC on my network neighborhood?
Pete LongTechnical ConsultantCommented:
>>Would this work with different variants of Windows (XP Pro to 98) (Xp Pro to W2k).

>>Also isn't the null modem option awfully slow for GIGS of data?

>>Last Question why use as an IP? Can't I pick any 2 nearly identical IP's?

No it depends on the subnet mask!!

Networking Two Pc's with a crossover cable

Each PC will need a NIC (network Interface Card) and you will
need a Cat5 Crossover cable (this is different from a normal
network cable!

Here what a crossover looks like and how it differes from a
straight through cabl

OR my website :0)

*****Setting up on XP*****

Basic XP Home Networking Guide - How To Network Two PC's

Description of File Sharing and Permissions in Windows XP;EN-US;304040

*****General Info***** (Good site with Networking infi & Illustrations)

How to set up a home network without using a hub

Setting up a home network between two computers

*****Networking Hardware*****

Home Network Kit

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ashok_001Author Commented:
I picked & .2 becuase they are common 'private' IP's, but you could pick any two IP's you wanted as long as they match the subnet mask you supply. (Except you can't pick stuff that ends in .255 or .0 and you can't use

Yes, you have to have file & print sharing enables.

Yes, any windows variants will talk to each other through TCP/IP

You do NOT have to make the workgroup the same, but it helps.
Doh! I meant not
Pete LongTechnical ConsultantCommented:
I have already said about crossover cable ?

Is that what you not wanted ?

Pete LongTechnical ConsultantCommented:
MMmm sunray_2k3 has a point, ill redress the balance hang on.........
Pete LongTechnical ConsultantCommented: you go and i doubled the points

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