Remotely Control PC Over the Net

Can I use a service like Netmeeting (Remote Desktop Sharing) or use XP's Remote Assistance function..... when Im behind a firewall and NAT or
must I use a service like gotomypc or something ?

How secure is Netmeeting?
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You can use netmeeting and remote desktop and open the ports through the firewall

how secure is netmeeting ??  depends on your firewall and your system configuration

ashok_001Author Commented:
Between Using Netmeeting and the built in XP thing , which one is faster?
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depending on the connection you have

I have done both .. I feel netmeeting to be good

Jay DubyaUC EngineerCommented:
VNC (search google for) also works great. especially over slow connections.

just thought I would offer that incase you didn't know about this.


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As it turns out, netmeeting is very problematic to use with NAT. The reason is that netmeeting embeds the destination IP address in the datagram in addition to the header. The only way to get these packets past NAT is with a NAT implimentation that specificly supports netmeeting. Some Linux based firewall do this with additional modules. No hardware based firewall that I am aware of can do this.

The best solution would be to use VNC or VPN. These work at layer two of the protocol stack and are not effected by the above problem.

ashok_001Author Commented:
Yeah claylj, I noticed a lot of trouble with NAT based Router and Netmeeting....
Thanks all for ur comments
ashok_001Author Commented:
any idea  if vnc is secure or not?
Jay DubyaUC EngineerCommented:
UltraVNC offers NT security which as pretty good, also offers a less secure option where you can set the password and everyone can log in provided they have that password.
Glad I could help!
You could always use RealVNC or cant remember. It can be setup to use SSL for security and you only need a small amount of ports open to use it. You cna also have multiple clients conected to one machine and is highly modifiable depending on the spee dof your connection i.e. if your connection is slow you can turn the screen size and colours down etc.
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