Stop error because of Kerio firewall


I have recently downloaded and installed Kerio Personal Firewall 4. It was running fine for an hour or so then my Win2k SP4 blue screened with:


I know it is related to Kerio PF because it displayed the fwdrv.sys file on the blue screen. I rebooted and my system started to work fine, but this has happened a couple of times.

I have been on the website but they do not offer support for the download.

Has anybody got any ideas for a fix because I like this firewall, other than uninstalling it.

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nader alkahtaniNetwork EngineerCommented:
Update the driver fwdrv.sys by download the new virsion of fwdrv.sys  or the program complete (it was released on November 10, 2003)


PaulSmithAuthor Commented:
I downloaded the whole progam yesterday.
I have used this firewall for the last 2 years
it works wonderful

This is the last stable release   2.1.5
for whatever reason they skiped release 3.0 and made it beta
it is not available on the US site anymore but I found it in an alternate country probably Australia

download 2.1.5 here:

wait til more information and testing has been done on 4.0

I absolutely endorse this program.........

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PaulSmithAuthor Commented:
I installed 2.1.5 and it seems to be working ok. Although there seem to be remnants of version 4 still flying about, how do I get rid of these?

did you run the uninstall on version 4 first...
if so you should have recieved one of two messages

1. uninstall successfully completed !
2. some files were unable to be removed from your system !

then you should have been given the option to view those files and
make note of there locations to manually delete them.

PaulSmithAuthor Commented:
I used the uninstall feature and got the above messages.

I removed the unnecessary files.

Its hasn't crashed on me yet.

nader alkahtaniNetwork EngineerCommented:
What about my comment ???
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