Assigning a subform to a variable using VBA

I am trying to compare a value on the main form with the value  on a subform.   I have assigned the main form to a variable and it works fine (see below):

Dim strParent As String, strCPersonal As String
Let strParent = [Forms]![frmempinfo]![EmpNumber]

Then, I assign the subform to a variable and  I receive the error that MS Access is unable to find the form.  Make sure it is spelled correctly and that it exists.

Let strCPersonal = [Forms]![frmChildPersonal]![EmpNumber]

frmChildPersonal is what I named the subform via the main form.  The actual name of the form is frmDISPersonal.  I tried to replace that with the frmChildPersonal and I received the same error message.

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jadedataMS Access Systems CreatorCommented:
Hey prowler2!

  This variable needs to be a form collection object.  What's more important is the name of the subform control that you need to refer to.  The name of the subform sourceobject is not used.  It is subsumed by the control.

  dim f as form

  set f = me.subformname.form
  f("controlName") = "X"


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prowler2Author Commented:
Thank you.  I will try this.  I haven't been to this site in a while.  Did they stop the emailing of expert responses?
jadedataMS Access Systems CreatorCommented:
The responses are not emailed,...only notification that a question has had a comment posted to it.
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