Changing Computer Name and adding to Domain

I'm using VB6 and would like some help on Changing the computer name and adding the computer to my domain on a windows 2000 machine. Thanks.
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Are you asking how to make this network change using VB6 code?  

I'm not exactly sure if its possible,  but I think it would be a fairly large security risk to allow this kind of activity to be performed by an application.  Even if it can be done,  I wouldn't suggest it.  The malicious capabilities of that would be endless....  I'd hate to run an app only to have it change my computer name to 'IMGAY'.  Explain THAT around the watercooler.

If you're simply asking how to perform this change in control panel, do the following

goto start--->settings--->control panel--->System

click tab marked 'Network Identification'

click 'Properties' button

enter Computer name and domain.


1. Use SetComputerName and SetComputerNameEx API functions.
2. Use NetJoinDomain API function.

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Wow,  I'm suprised to see these API's available to applications.  How are the security issues handled?

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