How to do a between in script <>??

Hi All
I have the requirement of Using the CarriedOver days  before July, the carried over value is between 1 and 5. If the person is requesting time off prior to June and they are requesting more days than is in the CarriedOver then the balance of the days would come from there allowd Holidays
If Carried over is 0 then it comes right off the holidays


I have 15 days holiday and 4 carried over this =19
It is prior to June and I take 7 days holiday
The carriedover field loses it 4 and the Total field loses 7

Now here is where it gets tricky if the Approved vacation is cancelled I have to repoulate the fields to the value prior to approval

Carried over gets back 4 and total gets seven

This so the managers can track the carried over days and make sure they are used first.

Here is what I have so far

If doc.CarriedOverAH(0)= note.NewDaysTotal(0) Then
doc.CarriedOverAH = doc.CarriedOverAH(0) - note.NewDaysTotal(0)
doc.TotalDaysOffCalc = note.TotalDaysOff(0)
doc.RemainingCalc = doc.TotalAH(0) - doc.TotalDaysOffCalc(0)

The If statment should read something like

If doc.CarriedOverAH(0)is between 1 and 5 and If note.type(0) = "Vac" And  Month(note.StartDate(0)) < 6 Then
doc.CarriedOverAH = doc.CarriedOverAH(0) -between 1 and 5
doc.TotalDaysOffCalc = note.TotalDaysOff(0)
doc.RemainingCalc = doc.TotalAH(0) - doc.TotalDaysOffCalc(0)



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Hi adspmo,

I honstely don't know why you are doing it this way... changing the value based on the request, and changng back if request denied.  Instead, why not wait to deduct until after the request is approved?!

Anyway, here's the basic logic:

pendingCarryOver = empRecord.carryOver(0)
pendingHolidays = empRecord.holidays(0)
request.PendingCarryOver = pendingCarryOver
request.pendingHolidays = pendingHolidays
allAvailable = pendingCarryOver + pendingHolidays
requestedAmount = request.requestedAmount(0)
if requestedAmount > allAvailable Then
  'reject request as impossible?
  Exit sub
end if
remainingCarryOver = pendingCarryOver - requestedAmount
If remainingCarrOver < 0 then
  remainingHolidays = pendingHolidays + remainingCarryOver 'which is negative
  remainingCarryOver = 0
  remainingHolidays = pendingHolidays
end if
empRecord.carryOver = remainingCarryOver
empRecord.holidays = remainingHolidays

'to "put it back" if request is denied:
empRecord.carryOver = request.pendingCarryOver
empRecord.holidays = request.pendingHolidays

Best regards,
adspmoAuthor Commented:
The intent is the that request can be cancelled after it is approved
I believe I have already mentioned on how to accomodate the carriedover but here you are trying to release it back.. Right !

Here is something that you might want to take a look

If note.Status(0) = "Approved" and note.NewStatus(0) = "Cancel" then

if month(note.StartDate(0)) < 6 then
  doc.CarriedOverAH(0) = doc.TotalAH(0) - Here substitute the field which has total vacation reserved for that year

if doc.TotalDaysOff(0) < doc.CarriedOverAH(0) then
  doc.CarriedOverAH(0) = doc.CarriedOverAH(0) + note.TotalDaysOff(0)
  doc.TotalDaysOffCalc = 0
  doc.RemainingCalc = doc.TotalAH(0) + note.TotalDaysOff(0)
end if
end if

End if   ' satus recall


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ANother point:

The calculation code should NOT need to account for which part of teh year it is.  Instead, you should  have some maintenance code that on July 1 at 1:00 AM, goes out and zeroes the caryyOver values.
adspmoAuthor Commented:
The requirement is quite rigid

The carried over have to be used by the end of June and this only applies if Type = "Vac"

Change this

if month(note.StartDate(0)) < 6


if month(note.StartDate(0)) < 6 and note.type(0) = "Vac" then
If you are looking for between function ?? It is not available rather how you do it is like this

1 < doc.CarriedOverAH(0) and doc.CarriedOverAH(0) > 5

adspmoAuthor Commented:
This is with the approved but the same question applies I would like to do a between because 0 is always less than something it should read >=1 and <=5

if month(note.StartDate(0)) < 6 and note.type(0) = "Vac" then

If note.NewDaysTotal(0)>=1 and <=5 Then
doc.TotalDaysOffCalc = note.NewDaysTotal(0) - doc.HolidaysAH(0)
doc.CarriedOverAH = doc.CarriedOverAH(0) - note.NewDaysTotal(0)

If note.NewDaysTotal(0) >doc.CarriedOverAH(0) Then

doc.TotalDaysOffCalc = note.TotalDaysOff(0)
doc.CarriedOverAH = 0
doc.RemainingCalc = doc.TotalAH(0) - doc.TotalDaysOffCalc(0)
OOps what was I thinking ?

It is

1 <= doc.CarriedOverAH(0) and doc.CarriedOverAH(0) <= 5

I don't think it is a good idea to rely on static numbers. Rather I would do a manipulation so that my carriedover is not over/under utilized.

The requirement may be rigid, but the software design to fulfill the requirement need not be.  Overall, pardon me for saying so, but you have a poorly designed system in a number of ways, and this insistence on coding it as a "between" instead of an easily-understood logic sequence only demonstrates it further.
adspmoAuthor Commented:
Thats why I am here. I am trying to accomplish both goals.

So james, Where are we now ? Is it working or any problems ?
adspmoAuthor Commented:
I am trying to come at it from a different way. I have been asked to break it down it to multiple fields

Alloted       Used     Remaining

This will actually make it easier to restore values if an approved leave is cancelled

Right now I am rewriting the script to accomplish this

I am sure I will be in touch later


Let me suggest you something here.

Try to set raw fields/variables and not compute anything in the approval end. ComputeWithForm should do rest of its work like calculation in the leave form.

Let me explain it with eg;

Say Leave form has

Raw fields
TotalLeaveForYr -- 15
LeaveApproved -- varies and set from Approval form
LeaveDenied --varies and set from Approval form
UseCarried -- Flag to whether use carried or not 1-Yes, 0-No, set from Approval form.

This will be computed fields
TotalLeaveTaken = TotalLeaveTaken + LeaveApproved - LeaveDenied
Carried = Default from prev yr and the calculated from this @If(UseCarried; @If(Carried >= LeaveApproved; Carried - LeaveApproved; 0); 0);
Remaining = TotalLeaveForYr + Carried - TotalLeaveTaken

This is what I was suggesting when you started of with this application. That way I don't have to maintain my complex calc in approval form.. But it always depends on you as you are the one who facing the customer.

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