just reinstalled Win2k: what to backup?

I just reinstalled Win2k because of a problem I had with bootup. Now in case I ever have the problem again (or better yet to prevent the problem in the first place) I would like to know what all I can do to backup a win2k system (the O.S. itself not my data). So far this is what I'm doing:

1.) backing up the full system registry
2.) creating an emergency repair disk
3.) creating a fresh bootlog file (in case I need to troubleshoot using it later)
anything else I should do (beside imaging the disk which I can't do)?


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For backing up the system registry, create emergency disk
You want to go to:
Start -> Programs -> Accessories -> System Tools -> Backup

For bootlog file, you will need to boot into the bootup menu option by press F8 and enabling bootlog and the file is written to ntbtlog.txt

Hope this helps.
guidwayAuthor Commented:

Maybe my question wasn't clear enough. My apologies if not. I have already done the three things listed before I posted this question. I was asking for anything else that needs to be done (anything else that gives me a heads up if something happens). Have any other ideas of what I could do?

thanks for the response
Hi Guidway,

backups are very important, but another very important tool for the system administrator is the change log. It doesn't have to be anything fancy (quite the opposite).

Get a cheap note-book (paper!) and label it with your servername. Put it on top of your server, and enter date/notes everytime you make changes or installations on the server.

Keep your ambitions low at the beginning: being to ambitious (strictly formatting the log) tends to keep you from maintaining the log.

The most important things are: the date/time and some note on what you did.  Don't be a miser: feel free to use a whole page per log entry, - rather buy a new book at 5$ than having an empty or cramped log.

Abuse it in the beginning, - better to write more than necessary, than omitting important notes. Enter dates of emergency disk creation, SP installs, user creation and all other ridiculous small items, - some day it will become a good habit, and a lot of problems can be solved by looking in a log and seeing some coincidence between a change and a newly occurred problem.


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I'd take a ghost image of that thing as it is right now, then just do backups of your data.

Props on the Assist Guid.
Run the backup utility, and backup the system state data. That is (Technically) all that is needed.
Performing a daily system state backup and a weekly full backup is a good overall solution.
Rob StoneCommented:
install the recovery console
Winnt32 /cmdcons

You've done everything else needed that I can think of.
guidwayAuthor Commented:
Hi Sven,

This isn't a server, but I do like your idea and will start doing that. thanks


I would like to be able to do a ghost image, but really do not have a way to place the image once created (it is a 200GB hard drive). I have no backup devices that are that large. thanks anyway though for the suggestion. good idea, thanks


I have heard the Win2k backup utility is very unstable and sometimes it is easy to lose data using it. I'm not sure if that is true or not so before I use it I am curious on how stable it is or if I need to look at another backup manager. thanks for your comments.


interesting... I've never heard of installing the recovery console. I'll look into this. thanks

You can Re-partition the drive to have a 5 gb fat32 just to contain the image file. Once it's created then you could copy or burn it to CD.

Burn this ISO to a CD, it has lots of usefull tools and is bootable:


Biggest problem that I have heard of with NTBackup is it's a little kludgy, but the 2K version is better, and includes multiple backup media choices. I haven't heard about loosing data. In domain scenarios,  to perform an authoratative restore, you need to use NTBackup to restore the system state data. 'Course, I guess you could use another program, but in Directroy services restore mode, some apps act a little weird, as the high level serves aren't running.
Note to PaulHieb the link doesn't connect to an image file.  You may want to check it out again and repost.
Yeah, broken somehow. I'll repost when it's up.
guidwayAuthor Commented:
I'll implement these ideas as soon as possible. thank you for your help!

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