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I wear a lot of hats...

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Handing points out Fritz? I'll have some.
Can you give me your opinion on this question Fritz
fritz_the_blankAuthor Commented:

Do you remember when Spock mind melded with the Horta? What did he yell out?

Errr lost?
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fritz_the_blankAuthor Commented:

Nevermind then if you don't remember the reference. In any case, that looks pretty fishy to me. I do a lot with passing variables back and forth between client-side code and server-side code, and that is some wack sh**.


Please split the points between FTB and me


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fritz_the_blankAuthor Commented:

I can't collect points from myself!!!

So there you have it.

BTW, it was a little less than graceful to request a point refund on that other question that I was helping you with....


will keep that in mind for the future

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