Computer hangs on Checking NVRam

  Before I came here and ask the question I searched on google a lot and I also searched in here.  ( I didn't like the vip section by the way :P) Ohh well time to get into the topic.

I just bought a new ASUS pcp800 mother board. I have a P4 2.26 processor, which I was told it will be compatible. I have a GeForce4 MX 440 graphics card, which I was also told that it would be compatible.  I have removed all the hardware from the computer except the graphics card, the ddram and the cpu of course.  On one of my results, I saw that it would be a good idea to take out the rest of them so I did that.  I have tried different RAM even though from searching the net I figured that the ram has nothing to do with nvram :)  I have taken the battery out for like 10 sec to reset the bios, and I also have tried it with the jumpers. No luck though.

Most of the time that I boot my computer I get the nice fancy BIOS screen saying press Del to enter into BIOS. At that point my computer has hang already and I can't do anything.  The other thing I have tried is press del at the same time I turn it on. This is when I get the "Checking NVRAM.." error.  If I change the RAM around and reset the bios I get "Checking NVRAM.. Update OK!" and  then it hangs. Well this is my problem. Any help would be great, I hope someone in here will give me the right solution.

Thank you!

PS: I can't go into BIOS, so don't tell me to get into it and reset the settings, anyways taking the battery out would do the same.
PS1: I have never boot into windows.
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Glen A.IT Project ManagerCommented:
Why can't you get into the bios?  The 'Press [DEL] to enter Setup' should be coming up before 'Checking NVRAM'.

You SHOULD be able to get into the bios, and choose 'fail safe settings'. . .

This happens sometimes with USB devices -  are you using any?
Glen A.IT Project ManagerCommented:
And guess what, you're probably right on the BIOS thing, sorry.  I was thinking of 'updating ESCD..."

This could also be a bad board, if it's not USB devices, that's where I'd look.
LeventisAuthor Commented:
 But it is a brand new board.. that is why I don't want to take this as an answer :) If you got any more ideas tell me :) I don't have any usb running. I don't have my mouse connected, as to the first comment, even though it doesn't really matter.
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Glen A.IT Project ManagerCommented:
Well, brand new doesn't mean fully operational . . .  never has, never will.

I've seen way too many 'brand new' boards that fail right out of the box.  As prices have gotten more competitive in the do-it-yourself market, quality isn't what it used to be.  Regardless of the manufacturer, I see higher rates of return than I ever used to back 5 or 6 years ago.
LeventisAuthor Commented:
 I am afraid that you might be right :p hehe But it sucks if that is the case. I definately agree on the fact that they drop the quality and all those things. I will try and call the support tomorrow and figure it out. I have 3 years warranty from the factory anyways. :)
Here is a question? Does your motherboard has onboard video built into it?
If it does have you tried booting your computer with out that video card you installed?
Sometimes a motherboard bios will do that if it does not like a peice of hardware
that it cannot detect. To be honest with you I suspect the processor.  If the computer
freezes before you even get to the bios, its a good indication.  Check your jumper
settings to adjust your buss speed if it will let you.

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LeventisAuthor Commented:
 I took my pc to compUSA and they told me that I have bent a cpu pin.. (pretty bad aint it :p) Thanks for all the help anyways =]

A power outage caused one of our computers to hang with the "checking Nvram... going.
I changed memory, video card, drained cmos batter, changed cmos etc and nothing worked. I read your comment about USB. I disconnected a usb scanner and the thing booted perfectly. That is the last thing I would have suspected or checked! After booting
without the usb device I was able to connect it while in windows and now it will reboot
fine with the usb device.

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