Opening a File to Read (Allready Open By Another Program)

I am reading files from a directory , the files in this directory are being generated by another program (not written by me), I do not know what language it is written in. (but the program is pretty old)
This other program refreshes the same file name with new data, approx every 20 seconds.
The problem i am having is.. My vb program opens the file for input, reads the data and then closes. If i am in the middle of reading the file and the other program tries to rewrite the file, the other program bombs out with a system error.
Have tried.. renaming,copying etc (everything!!)  .. the file i need, but still strike the problem.
Am thinking i will have to look at the time of the file and calculate the safest time to read the file????

Is there any other way of overcoming the problem., other than the above idea

Appreciate any ideas!!!
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Mike TomlinsonHigh School Computer Science, Computer Applications, and Mathematics TeachersCommented:
What function are you using to copy the file with?  You could try using the FileCopy API.

You mentioned copying, but did you copy the file to a new location and then read from the copy? You can copy the file, read the data and close the file, the other program shouldn't bomb this way.
turnerrobAuthor Commented:
I have tried using filecopy , and copy to another directory etc.
If i use filecopy and the other program tries to write over the top, it bombs out.
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Copy the file:

  FileCopy strSource, strDest


  FileCopy "C:\temp\test.txt", "C:\test\test.txt"

2.  Then read from the file as you need

3.  Then delete the file
  Kill "strPath"


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Mike TomlinsonHigh School Computer Science, Computer Applications, and Mathematics TeachersCommented:
It is very possible that the old program is attempting to open the file in an exclusive mode which is causing it to crash.

turnerrobAuthor Commented:
I think this is the case, ie the old program is opening (exclusive)
hey...u cud find the filetime and check up how long it takes for the next update of the file. Using the data, u cud ezly get the safe time to
copy off.
turnerrobAuthor Commented:
I agree this is my only option.
I only put the question, in case, there was some magic method of overcoming reading an (exclusive open) file.
Looks like there is none????
hey, if there were a way to read an exclusively open file, then wudnt it cease to be 'exclusive' :D
turnerrobAuthor Commented:
appreciate the help offered.
sorry i left the question open for so long
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