Sorting a List Box Descending ie Latest to Top

Is there a simple way of sorting a list box  (DESC).
Ie I need to have the list box sort the latest to the top.
20031212 asasasaas
20031111 m,m,mm,sm,

The option in the list box seems to only allow  sort assending???
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Select your recordset in descending order and load the list box that way.
turnerrobAuthor Commented:
I am loading a directory listing into the list box, ie i do not have a recordset, sorry i did not mention this.
Ok, load the directory listing into an array, sort the array descending, then load the list box.
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Here is how to sort an array in descending order

Option Explicit

Private Sub Command1_Click()
   Dim MyArray
   MyArray = Array("A", "Z", "M")
   Call SortDecending(MyArray)
   Debug.Print MyArray(0); MyArray(1); MyArray(2)
End Sub

Private Function SortDecending(a)
   Dim i, j As Long
   Dim tmp
   For i = 1 To UBound(a)
       For j = 0 To UBound(a)
           If LCase(a(i)) > LCase(a(j)) Then
               temp = a(j)
               a(j) = a(i)
               a(i) = temp
           End If
   SortDecending = a
End Function

(thx to Erick37 for above)

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turnerrobAuthor Commented:
I thought this may be the only way.!!
Appreciate the advice., thanks for your help

regards turnerrob
turnerrobAuthor Commented:
Appreciate both the help comments offered.
Have split points, hope this is ok.

regards  turnerrob
Glad to help!
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