Apacer USB 2.0 Embedded 7-in-1 Card Reader won't run properly under Windows

Hello experts,

It could be, I ask this question twice. Dunno where my previous question disappeared. So I type it again. By he way, the new site design is really confusing and just ....gay.

Well, to the problem:

I have an internal card reader with USB-Port. It is possible to plug it in when windows is already running and then I get 4 drive letters (for the different slots CF,mspro,etc). Well , thats ok. But since it is an internal device, I don't want to open the pc-case everytime I want to use the card reader.

The trouble is, if I start up the computer with plugged in card reader, Windows will only recognize an "USB-Device". No drives etc. Well something is missing during booting....the question for you what?

I tried it with ACPI and CPI interrupt mode. Also, there are no interrupt conflicts.  I did a clean Install W2K SP4 slipstreamed.

Oh, it is a USB 2.0 device. My motherboard ASUS P4B533-E has 6 USB-Ports in 3 groups à 2 Ports. Every group has its own (!) IRQ and also 500mA current available. There are no other USB-Components connected to the computer. The card reader is connected to the ports 5/6 which is an internal connector.

Any tips are welcome

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Didn't the device come with an installation CD? There should be a memory resident program that remaps those drives, I suppose. Try to see if there is an installation CD on the manufacturor's site you can download.

I really doubt it has to do with any conflicts.

Amos - The Keymaker
>Well something is missing during booting
maybe not. Win2k has mass storage drivers built in.
What happens when you plug in a card? Is it recognized?
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I don't see anywhere a reference to the device application, Jhance.

The fact that the device is being recognized at the moment you plug it in is nice, but the purpose of the application IS, to the best of my understanding, to establish the device upon bootup. It is an essential piece.

Amos - The Keymaker

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aleschAuthor Commented:
Many thanks for all comments,

Yes, there is an installation CD. I tried to install this driver. BANG! Blue screen!. This try was under my old installation (not clean install). Perhaps I give it another chance under a fresh install? I'll try that.

Thank you! There is already a comment from someone!

Yes, this is correct, there is a w2k mass storage driver. If the device is recognized (plugged in as the system is running) it is possible to plug in a card, save files, copy files...no problem. That dammed beast just won't start during power up.

My further findings:
I got a USB-Spy programm. This showed me a manufacturer number which leads to the manufacturer. It is INWIN (Taiwan, where else?). They have a own driver. The trouble, should I install this driver on win2ksp4 which has it's own mass storage driver or should i setup a w2ksp0 install the driver and then sp4?

This driver install it's own "INWIN Mass Storage Driver" under another servicename than the one from Windows. So, if I install this one, I have two mass storage drivers on my system.
Windows : USBSTOR
Another thing is the drivers for the USB chipset. Since w2ksp4 is USB2.0 ready, I'm not sure wheter I should install the Intel Chipset Setup or not. First I didn't. And the card reader showed the run/nogo behaviour. Then I installed the drivers. The USB were now not longer the Windows-default drivers but recognized as Intel USB....24XY. But this did not helped -> run/nogo.

Surely, the installation order is critical. What do you think about this sequence?

1a. Disable USB 2.0 in BIOS (Since W2kSP0 does not know it)
1.b Set "USB Legacy Support" to Auto, Enabled, or Disabled????
2. win2k SP0 (no USB-Devices connected) / reboot
3.  Intel® Chipset Software Installation Utility / reboot
4. Enable  USB 2.0 / reboot
5. Check whether USB 2.0 is being recognized /reboot
6. Install INWIN driver/ reboot
7. Check everything ok /shutdown
8. plug in card reader / startup
9. reboot
10. pray

What do you think? Anything forgotten?
many thanks

But what happens when you boot up without power cycling the reader and plug in a card. Is the card powered up and recognized?
Kyle SchroederEndpoint EngineerCommented:
Set the USB Legacy to disabled; this function enables USB in OSes that don't natively support USB (Win95, WinNT 4.0, some older Linux distributions).  I would go ahead and install the Intel chipset drivers into the current OS, no need to revert to Win2K Gold.  I would also install the INWIN driver (iAPP_Driver....) before the reader is connected.  Remove the device from Device Manager first (start/run/devmgmt.msc), then disconnect it and install the iApp drivers.  Then shutdown and connect it.

aleschAuthor Commented:
I'm not sure which case you mean:
1) Card reader is not connected -> booting -> plug in card reader -> 4 drives -> plug in card ->read.copy,write
2) Card reader is connected -> booting -> System recognizes a "USB Device" -> no drives -> plug in card -> nothing happens

Legacy was disabled all the time. The other tips did not worked.

Honestly, APACER/INWIN is crap!!!! Never buy this stuff! NEVER!!!!

I tried two other fresh installs one with your tips included dogztar. Nothing helped. I have spent too much time on this (>3 days). I have a live besides computers.
I even updated the firmware from 163 to 164. No change.

Ahh, I just throw this device out of the window! What a relief. If I find it tomorrow in the garden, I'll give it a kick.

Thanks anyway guys

I'll split the points.


Kyle SchroederEndpoint EngineerCommented:
Sorry it didn't work out alesch...
alesch - Not sure if you are going to check this anymore but, by chance do you have any unrecognizable USB Devices attached other than the card reader? I had a USB -> Serial adapter connected with no drivers installed and Windows would not look past it to the other USB ports, it was like it got stuck there until I installed drivers for it and then it was able to see my card readers. Perhaps try unhooking USB devices until that phantom "USB Device" leaves the device manager, then try again?
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