string search: specific word in string

Any suggestions on how to find a SPECIFIC word in a string?

ie. looking for "the"
in string:  In the end, I figured it out.

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for example:
string x = "hello world";
string::size_type pos = x.find("ello", 0);
notice that this will only find the FIRST occurence of "ello", to keep searching you've got to search not from 0 but from the end of the previous occurrence.
puckerhoopAuthor Commented:
In Unix, you can use
  grep '^he.*'
To find an occurence beginning with "he", is there such way to do this is C++?

Any way to limit it to occurences of the specific word, ONLY?  (only when it is solo or followed by punctuation).

I am going to need to replace the word... would it be better to use the string function for replace?


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Yes. For example:
#include <string>
#include <iostream>
using namespace std;

int main() {
   string str = "hello world hehehe";
   string term = "he";
   string::size_type pos = 0, occur = 0;
   while(occur != string::npos && pos < str.length() - 1) {
      occur = str.find(term, pos);
      if(occur != string::npos) {
         str.replace(occur, term.length(), "she");
         cout << occur << endl;
         pos = occur + term.length();
      else pos = occur + 1;
   cout << str << endl;


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>>pos < str.length() - 1
should be pos < str.length() ;D
puckerhoopAuthor Commented:
what is 'D'  (decrement?)
my compiler doesn't like it... does it need to be declared?
puckerhoopAuthor Commented:
Visual C++ 6.0 (compiler)
puckerhoopAuthor Commented:
pos < str.max_size();
puckerhoopAuthor Commented:
Made some slight modification to work with my compiler!
puckerhoop, sorry I just got back from work. That's a smiley! :D
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