Write XML ResultSet data from JAVA or JSP page to Excel

I need to put my xml data result from java class to excel. Please help.
I put this in my java class and got the error message. "The import jxl cannot be resolved". What do I need?

import jxl.*;
import jxl.write.*;

I need the code to get this done. I am running out of time with the project.
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>>I put this in my java class and got the error message. "The import jxl cannot be resolved".

Do you have the jxl classes in your classpath?
newtosvgAuthor Commented:
I don't. Where can I get the .jar files?

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newtosvgAuthor Commented:
I already tried the site you mentioned, doesn't tell me how to get the .jar files that I need in order to use
import jxl.*;
import jxl.write.*;
From the site:

"JExcelApi comes packaged as a zipped tar file, called something like jexcelapi_2_0.tar.gz. To unpack on UNIX systems, at the command line type
gunzip jexcelapi_2_0.tar.gz      followed by
tar xf jexcelapi_2_0.tar
On Linux systems this can be accomplished within the single command
tar zxf jexcelapi_2_0.tar.gz
On Windows/NT systems, the archive may be unpacked visually using a utility such as Winzip.
Whatever the unpacking process, the application will be placed in a subdirectory called jexcelapi. The top level directory contains this html page and the pre-built jar file, jxl.jar. The docs directory contains the javadoc documentation for the public classes, the build directory contains the buildfile (requires ant ) and the src directory contains the source code for the java classes. "

Here is the link for the direct download. Download the tar.gz file and unpack it.


Any success with this?

newtosvgAuthor Commented:
I did the download and put the jxl.jar in the class path. I was able to include the imports "import jxl.*;
import jxl.write.*;". I actually need the code to do this. Thanks.

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