Recover Files on MAC OS X

Son's school accidentally deleted some files.  They are now booting to Norton and attempting to recover deleted files.  During the process, norton warns that if they recover to the Mac HD it may possibly overwrite other recoverable files.

Please suggest how to recover files.  We have a USB CD Writer, Zip Drive and USB Baffo PC to PC cable.

ALso used a thumb drive for norton to recover and write the files to, and norton said they were recovered, but they do not show up.

 BTW machine only has a CD and is used by the Norton boot CD.

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The key is to recover data from the drive to another device: cd-r/rw, zip, another hard drive....
So you can boot from the Norton CD and select the other mounted device as the target for recovered files.

UnErase: Cannot open a file recovered with UnErase 

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Face the fact that your files are probably gone. OS X is a big fan of scratch disk space, like most modern operating systems. So it's continually writing data to the HD. It has more than likely already written over the space your deleted files occupied.
Sorry for the bad news, but I have never been able to recover trashed files on an OS X system and from what I understand it's not likely to happen.

Which version of Norton are you running? Doesn't it boot into OS 9? There are so many problems with Norton that I stopped using it altogether. For hard drive maintenance, consider Disk Warrior or TechTool Pro. For undelete, your only reliable solution is a good backup strategy.
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StardotstarAuthor Commented:
I agree fully with FZ1Bob

Never ever use Norton for anything.... just a pice of crap software
Ever recorever or fix anything for me.... worst... it screw up more...

use  Disk Warrior or TechTool Pro instead...
DiskWarrior save mu life everytime

backup is the key !, on DVD it fast and cheep

even automatic backup on the same drive is better that nothing.. if you have space !

last though, some time even mac os disk first aid make the job... in recovering bad drive but not deleted files

hope it help

Hello there,
Could somebody help me?
I have a G4 350, it was working fine with the original OS version 9.2, then Jaguar was installed and started to freeze up when dragging the mouse,then upgraded to Panther X and still freezes up, in al applications. An additional 512MB RAM module was installed during this OS upgrades it had 256MB origianly, we consulted with macintosh and they suggested re-formating and re-installing the software, before i do that i would like to have other opinions. Thank you for your assistance in advance.

The Baron
I have used Data Rescue fro Prosoft to recover such files. The key is to not boot or use the drive with the deleted files until after you have recovered your files. Data Rescue has recovered files from drive that were untouchable by the other utilities(TechTool, Disk Warrior, Norton & Drive 10). I have all of these and keep them up to date. Data Rescue is really just a recovery utility and it works quite well. I have been using it for 3-4 years when I need to recover someones data.

I disagree on not being able to recover data from a Mac - it's definitely possible - not easy, but possible. DriveSavers Data Recovery has been recovering data from Macs for 20 years - they're at MacWorld every year, have recovered data from an iPhone, and we're able to recover data from my iMac G5 when it failed. It wasn't cheap, but for what I had on there, it was worth every penny.

I agree with Mooreqr, I deleted an account in Apple mail 2 on a Tiger system didn't read the big paragraph that said all emails will be deleted, I was trying to stop it from downloading more messages but that is another story.  Anyway I searched and found Data Rescue II from Prosoft and booted up the MAC installed Data Rescue II on an external drive let it scan in Demo mode saw it found a bunch of Mail items then purchased it so I could recover, that worked well.  Now getting the recovered messages back into Apple Mail well that is another story!  It can be done but not easily.
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