I use DW4 in html view to code in......

I was wondering why when you have thousands of lines of code in a document, why DW sometimes shuts down and pops up that stupid messag Dreamwever blah blah blah is creating a error report?

Also why when you go to save a large document does it sometimes seem to get confused and be slow at saving.

Can DW not handle thousands of lines of code?

Oh and BTW yes i learned my lesson before, i was on a roll writing code and forgot to save it periodicly and i had to start over. Totally sucked i tell ya.

Is there any better editor that i can code in? I dont need the WYSIWYG crap i just use the html view. I do not like notepad because of the tabbing.

I suspect adilkan will post here ;)

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HTML-kit is an awesome code editor, with very powerful features.

If you like your editor more basic try something like EditPlus or TextPad

Concerning the first part of your question, it would definately help if you could provide the error msg DW is giving you. Dreamweaver 4 had some memory issues that was fixed in version 4.01. It sounds like you are experiencing a similar problem.

Let me know!


jaysolomonAuthor Commented:
i am using 4.01
I still think it's memory related, since you're experiencing this when workign with large documents. I've seen DW slow dow incredibly while doing this, but never had it crash due to it personally.

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jaysolomonAuthor Commented:
i am not really concerned with it since i continuously save my file, i was just wondering if dw can or cannot handle n thousands of lines of code.

I have plenty plenty of memory in this box, so i think its a dw thing.

Yes, Dreamweaver, and version 4 more so than MX, has memory issues.


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jaysolomonAuthor Commented:

I see no reason for me to buy mx since all i ever do is code in html view not design view.

Thanks for your input on this.

Yes , I agree with you.
If you only code by hand, there are code editors running far more smoother than DW.

Saqib KhanSenior DeveloperCommented:
hello jAy:) .
Dw MX is out and FP 2003 is out as well (Just a Comment):) .
I never had this problem before but I can tell you some of my co workers work on Edit Plus and I asked them this question and they said over 1000 Lines in Edit Plus no problem.
I will do some more research to find out about this problem.
Kickin at javaScript? hehehe
Yes normal code editors like editplus and textpad I have never experienced any problems with, when it comes to very large files.

jaysolomonAuthor Commented:
hey adilkhan

What is FP03 all about? Is it better than the hmmm i can't remember the old version i had i think 98, but...

I have seen 2000, but did not like it. i read an article saying the MS is making this the best ever, blah blah. Is it true?

Yea i know MX is out i DL the trial version and played with it, but i uninstalled it since i use code view only.

Please provide your input on FP and if you get more info on the problem i have. It does not do it all the time, it does it every so often.
Saqib KhanSenior DeveloperCommented:
Fp2003 is actualy Cool, you can say its a modified version of DW MX:).
it support's, Code Snippet's, Hints and built in behaviours to Add javaScript to youe page.
You can pretty much do everything with FP that you can do with DW.

Here is the official statement from Microsoft, worth reading if you interested about whats new in FP03.
jaysolomonAuthor Commented:
I just looked at a flash demo of fp on the MS site, and from what i saw it is DW made in
a poor MS enviroment.
Saqib KhanSenior DeveloperCommented:
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