passing a string array

Hi there..
Can you please help me with my question..

how can I pass an array of strings into a constructor while creating an oblect..

in my the test class..i have create this array

string [] names = {"Bill", "John", "Ed", "Brian"};

and now I want to pass it as a parameter to this constructor

College c2 = new College ("ADMC", "London",                 , d1);
and then I will print c2.toString

so how can add pass the array in the space in my constructor
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You should pass it in the same way that you've passed d1.  Simply treat the array of String's as you would any other object, the only difference is that in the constructor for the College class, you will need to specify the parameter as a String[].

Also note that it is String[], not string[]
just declare that the constructor will accept a string array.  You can have more than one constructor, if each accepts different parameters (has a different signature.)

public College(String[] data){


public College(String name, String location, String other){

swetAuthor Commented:
thanks alot for your help..
but I am still not sure what I have to do..

In the College class I declared the String array as the follow

private String major[] = new String [4];

and in the same Class I added this constructor

public College(String cn, String cLoc, String[] cMj, Director d) {

    cName = cn;
    cLocation = cLoc;
    major = cMj;
    dirc = d;

and in the test class I began th main method with declaring the array in different name

public static void main(String[] args) {
   String cMj1 = {"IT", "SWET", "CNET", "BIT"}; I have to do aloop or anything in order to print the results in the constructor?
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To print out the array you do need a loop, like:

for( int i = 0 ; i < cMj.length ; i++ )
  System.out.println( cMj[ i ] ) ;
swetAuthor Commented:

if I will declare the loop

String [] cMj1 = {"IT", "SWET", "CNET", "BIT"};

pass it

Director d1 = new Director("Jammie", "POBox 112", 5567783);
    College c2 = new College ("ADMC", "London", cMj1, d1);

I want to print c2 as the follow

at this situation,,how will I be able to print my array (cMj1) inside the constructor?

thanks alot
If you mean how can you get to print out the array in the System.out.println call, you will need to override the toString() method of Object, and use TimeYates's code to append to a String (or preferably StringBuffer) and return this from the method.

But here's another way to do it, in the College:

public String toString() {
  return "College - cMj = " + Arrays.asList(cmJ);

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swetAuthor Commented:

thank alot for your help..

I used the last way..In the college class the toString method looks like this

public String toString() {
    return "College name is: " + cName + "\n College location is: " + cLocation +
        "\n College - cMj = " + Arrays.asList(major)+ "\ncollege director is " + dirc;

but this an error..can't resolve symbole : variable Arrays

than;s in advance
you would need to import java.util.Arrays
swetAuthor Commented:

Now it works..

thanks very much..and sorry for annoying
> Now it works..

Can you accept the comment (or comments) that helped you solve the problem, and award them a grade?  (I would suggest A grade, it makes no difference to the number of points it costs you, but it rewards the expert more) :-)

I would suggest that grim_toasters comment was the one that helped you solve this :-)

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> and sorry for annoying

You haven't been annoying :-)  All the experts here are here to help, and now anyone else with the same problem should be able to find this answer and solve it for themselves too in the future :-)  The beauty of Experts Exchange...  By asking this question, you have probably helped someone else later on :-)

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swetAuthor Commented:

Sorry..but I'm know in here and I don't know anything about points issu?

could you please explaint it to me more?

and thanks Mr.Tim for your words :)
Basically, you ask a question for a certain number of points...let's say 100

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Hope this helps!

Welcome to Experts Exchange! :-)

Good luck with your project!

swetAuthor Commented:

now I only have 5 points..and I can't post a new question..

what can I do to increase my points? I really have an urgent question..

thanks alot for your explanation :)
You have 3 options...

1) Wait a few days, till the number of points you have increases (you get a few points a day...not sure how many)
2) Purchase a Premium account from
3) Answer 5000 points worth of questions, and wait till the 1st December :-(

I don't think there is any other way :-(

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