Strange action: click on Page Down = 2x PageDown

I don't where to even post this question.

Setup:  Dell 4550 2.4Ghz unit   10 months old.  Windows XP Home   Logitech optical cordless Mouse.

Problem:  In the last couple of days I noticed the problem.  Don't know how long it was actually happening.  No new software or hardware installed.

What happens in "Most" (but not all) websites or on the Preview pane of Outlook Express or Word Documents (Excel documents are fine!):

I click on the scroll bar below the button (to accomplish a page-down action) the page moves TWO pages down.  I can confirm this by clicking the "Page-up" portion of the scrollbar - which seems to work fine - or by using the keyboard page-down and page-up keys.

I have tried a complete cold resting boot and the problem remains.  Tried virus scans and spyware scans - nothing.  I have Tweak UI XP installed and there is no setting for how much a scrollbar click moves pages down or up.  And, this happens on most but not all websites and Up works fine - just down is DOUBLED UP.  It even happened in the post box that I created this question in.

Any thoughts


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The settings for the mouse wont always be in TeakUI but there are in the controll panel, so go in there and double click on the mouse icon and then look at the tabs at the top for button settings.
I think the problem here is the Speed of the mouse click, its too fast (possibly) change the speed, then go on line and test the result, if you dont have the software for the mouse installed, then reinstall it.

make sure there is nothing interfering with the infrared point to point connection.

dbishAuthor Commented:
The only speed setting available is double click speed which I turned down.  Makes no change in the problem.  

I also installed fresh baterries and re-established the connection with the infared receiver.  No change - problem still there.

The odd thing is that while the scroll down happens two pages at a time - the scroll up happens the correct one page at a time.  I am wondering if it has anything to do with the mouse - althouigh I don't know what else in Windows could be wrong.

I'll look to see if I have another mouse laying around - can't remember.



Which driver are you using for your Logitech mouse? Older drivers had a lot of problems with scrolling related issues, but the newer ones have switched back to using Window's built in scolling mechanism. Try using the latest Mouseware from:

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dbishAuthor Commented:
My original drivers were dated 11/02 - I upgraded via the link you provided.  Thank you very much for that link - it was the perfect link for my drivers.  Unfortunately, no change in the action.

I have noticed something which may be a bug or "product design" <g>.  If I open a long web page or Word document - something like 4-8+ pages in length there is of course a very small scroll button and large area below the button to click for page-down.  If I click at the bottom of the page down area (near the down line-by-line control) the page drops by the two pages per click.  If I click up near the top near the scroll button it drops one page at a time.  I have never noticed this action before in Win XP (or Win 98Se or Win 95 or Win 3.11 either).  Maybe it is a design  element - or maybe there is a Windows switch to control this action.  I am beginning to not think the mouse is the problem.

To further test this - I went all the way to the bottom of the long document and clicked the Page up area of the scroll bar near the very top - and it is symmetrical - it paged up 2 pages at a time..

Any thoughts on this additional info?


Hmm, it could be a new feature that we don't know about that causes the amount scrolled to depend on where you click. I have noticed a menu the shows up when you right-click the scrollbar that I don't think used to be there. I've tried it on a few webpages myself now, and at it does do the same for me on SOME webpages but not others, so who knows.
Holy Cow!  The same thing started happening to me about two days ago, just as you describe!  I wonder if anyone else has been experiencing this, and if it might have been a bug in one of the two recent critical updates for XP that Microsoft just released, or an unannounced intentional "upgrade" feature.  It's kind of neat in a way, allowing you to page up or down one or two pages at a time, but was unexpected and confusing.  Still not sure what to make of it.  Went into the registry and found some value entries for [screenheight], with values alternating between [-240] and [-255] for different user IDs.  Didn't mess with these 'cause I don't know what I'm doing, didn't want to back up the registry key, mess with it, and so on.  Suspect it's a new feature.  Anyone else notice this happening to them?

I have a similar problem with my home computer that runs on WindowsXP - and it appeared to happen right after I installed a Windows update on 11/12 or 11/13.  However, scroll down AND scroll up both skip a page.  Page up and page down keys respond normally.  This problem appears in Netscape and Internet Explorer 6.0.  It really plays havoc with email.  Tried to find the update, and have been unsuccessful.  Any thoughts?
Yes, Pete23, same for us... down and up work the same.  Try clicking real close to the slider button, and it will probably only move one page up or down instead of two.  If you click farther away from the button, it'll jump two pages (screens, actually).  I did a Google search for several work combinations but came up with nothing on this... it appears to be an unannounced 'improvement' in the most recent upgrades.

dbishAuthor Commented:
The question is solved (well, sort of!).  I checked on the Windows Update site for XP (;EN-US;newsgwinxp) and found the following posting under the topic "Can't 1 page scroll":
Hans Bessel wrote:
> Lately, clicking on the scroll bar will make everything scroll up or down 2
> pages at a time.
> Tried a variety of things to get 1 page scrolling back, not happening.
> Take a shot please, Thanks.
I would think you got this effect from the security update MS03-048/KB824145.
Microsoft is aware of this problem with KB824145 and looking into it.
Cumulative Security Update for Internet Explorer (824145)
Microsoft MVP Scripting and WMI, Porsgrunn Norway

So, there is no answer but there is nothing wrong with our machines.  If I hear any more I will post it on this thread.


dbishAuthor Commented:
I am just assigning some points and closing this question out.  No real answer until Microsoft patches their patch <g>!
Thanks, Dave...

This from the Kim Komando Radio Show ( newsletter:


Q. The behavior of Internet Explorer has changed on my computer.
I like to click on an open area of the vertical scroll bar to jump
to the next screen of data. But IE has suddenly started jumping two
screens. That's worthless. What happened?

A. Your question interested me, because I have exactly the same
problem. Both my home and office computers are affected. I wondered
if perhaps I was imagining that I had used this technique in the past.
I also thought maybe some gunk got stuck in my mouse. My mouse was
clean so I put on my investigative cap.

I found out that it's probably due to the update that Microsoft
released last week. The number was Q824145. It was intended to fix
three flaws in Internet Explorer.

To see if the update was the problem, I deleted it. (Start>Control
Panel. Double-click Add or Remove Programs. It was listed under
Currently Installed Programs as Internet Explorer Q824145. Click
Change/Remove.) The problem disappeared. I reinstalled the update
from Microsoft's Web site. The problem was back.

I called Microsoft to ask about the problem. A public relations person
said later that the company is looking into it.

Now, Microsoft maintains a page with Internet Explorer update problems.
The current problem is not there yet, but keep an eye out for it:;en-us;325192

In the meantime, I'm leaving the update on the computers. It is
critical, according to Microsoft. I think it is more important than
the scroll bar functionality. Hopefully, the company will fix this bug.

Hope this helps. I'll see you tomorrow with another great tip!
Kim :)


So, you're right, they need to issue a fix.

Have a great day... thanks...

You could have posted to have your points refunded, but thanks for the points :)
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