mv(linux) command under windows


can some tell me if i can move files and folder from one folders to another ?
( like linux )

mv /tmp/* /tmp2  /rf     -----> this command will move everyhing from /tmp to /tmp2

i am looking this command for windows/dos


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Hi victorbx,

there is a move command on windows
move /?

but I doubt it supports wildcards ... anyway you can download cygwin and get linux functionality on windows machine

victorbxAuthor Commented:
well i need the regular way ,

i need it for a corporate windows server to perform some task
on a file server

Is this an automated task or some-thing you are doing yourself?  You can use the standard MS-DOS commands in Windows 2k within a script or manually.
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move c:\windows\temp\*.* c:\temp - This would move the files of c:\windows\temp to the temp directory in root, this is of course assuming you have the windows\temp directory.
victorbxAuthor Commented:
well ,
this is an automated task with the scheduler...

" move c:\windows\temp\*.* c:\temp " ----> will not move folders as well

i need to move every thing

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XXCopy can do that (see /RC option) :
victorbxAuthor Commented:
i need the standard windows commands

builded batch files will be accepted as well

xcopy source destination /E

This will copy everything "inside" source to destinations

rd /s source

will delete all file in source and its subdirectories

xcopy source destination /E
rd /s source

should do it for you
victorbxAuthor Commented:
i don't want to remove the directory ...
i want to delete everything in the directory including subfolder
and RD does not support wildcards

mv in linux does exactly that ... removes old one and creates new one
once you have copied everything to a new destination, removing old one will have same effect as mv
rd /s will remove all sub directories so it has same effect as *

if you want linux shell kind of regex, then you will have to use some external package because windows does not support them
Just trying to improve sunny's suggestion : in a batch file

xcopy source destination /E
del /f /s /q source\*
for /f "delims=" %%a in ('dir /b source\*') do rd /s /q "source\%%a"

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You can *.*  /dir


mv *.* ../dir

It works!
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