Saving window size and positions

Hi friends,

I would like to set my explorer windows, application windows and internet explorer windows to a default size and position on the screen every time I open them.

How do I achieve this?


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Rob StoneCommented:
Generally they should open as they were last closed.

I don't think its possible to set all apps to a specific desktop size/area without doing it this way.

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It's up to the individual applications to manage their initial window sizes.  Some "remember" their positions, some don't.  Some let you specify a window size from their command lines, others don't.

About all you could do here is write a program to launch these programs one at a time and either specify the window sizes if supported or send a WM_SIZE message to the application's window after it has been created.
LeeGoldingAuthor Commented:
Is there are software available that will launch any application and resize the windows and position it to what I want?

Where does Internet Explorer store its last opened window size and position in the registry?


Rob StoneCommented:
You might be able to find it with regmon from
LeeGoldingAuthor Commented:
Is there a piece of software that sits in the system tray and can monitor applications such as 'explorer.exe', 'iexplore.exe', etc. And when they are run this software will automatically resize and position the window according to settings that the user configured in this software?

Therefore, all new IE windows that open will be correctly positioned and sized automatically.


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