List of all USB Ports on a Computer

Does anyone know how I can get all of the USB Ports installed on a comoputer.
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I'm pretty sure Robert Marquardt's library/component can do this for you or at least help you doing so. :-)

Look at -> Open Source API Library -> Microsoft Human Input Device.
The sourcecode link is

Good luck.
The link is :-)

Your question is unanswerable though.
The USB port is nonexistent. Like ethernet the bus itself is invisible. Only devices are visible.
The number of available ports can also change because plugging an USB hub adds new ports.
Windows also hides the fact that you can have several USB buses.
A modern PC comes with at least three of them. One USB 2.0 two USB 1.1.
Adding another one through a PCI card is cheap and easy.

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See NTDDK/src/wdm/usb/usbview for an example.

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Yes, USBVIEW from the Windows DDK can show the tree of the devices, but there are drawbacks.
The assignment of port numbers of a hub and the physical layout of the ports need not match.
The API is not guaranteed by Microsoft (something i learned in the MS driver newsgroup).
ramoreiaAuthor Commented:
What´s USBVIEW ???? What I want is something in Delphi. If theres a way.
USBVIEW is an example program from the Windows DDK and of course written in C.
There is no program for showing the USB device tree in Delphi.
I know because i would have written it.

Can you please explain for what you need it?
>> What´s USBVIEW ???? What I want is something in Delphi.

Hello? Are you a programmer or a typist? Sorry, but I cannot understand you behavior, I just wanted to help...
Anyway, Robert is the usb guy. I hope he has the right answer for you.

ramoreiaAuthor Commented:
 First of all, that´s not the way to talk to anyone. Second, you should ask things before judging someone. I don´t have alot of experience in programing ok, and that´s why i´m asking. What i didn´t get in what you said is . What is " NTDDK/src/wdm/usb/usbview " that you mentioned.
I didn't mean to offend you, ramoreia. It's okay that you don't have a lot of experience in programming. Everyone starts as a novice. But if you are interested in such complicated topics you cannot expect to get full Delphi source code. You have to get into this topic by reading lots of specs and ask others that already dealt with it. Nevertheless, I apologize for my overreaction.

To your question:
There are 2 main developer kits offered by Mircrosoft, the PSDK (Platform Software Development Kit) and the WinDDK (Device Driver Kit). Both kits are the perfect source for getting information on Windows programming and they also include some samples. If you install them you always have a directory .../src/... inside the kit's install directory. So, by "NTDDK/src/wdm/usb/usbview" I meant the sample from the NTDDK/WinDDK in .../wdm/usb/usbview.

ramoreiaAuthor Commented:
Thank you. Where can I download these development kits ? Hey, we are all here not just to help someone but for learning too. Agree.
The Win DDK is not for download you get it from Microsoft as CD for a shipping fee.
The DDK used to be free, but as Robert said, you have to subscribe to MSDN to get it now. Maybe you can find it on some book cds...
You can download the PSDK here:

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