Problem with editing an effect...

I have 30 frames for an image effect... the picture is spinning and placing in a corner...
When I want to add a new frame with other image (on 31-st frame) the other effect is disappearing.
What have I done wrong.
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Could you post your fla?
ChangiAuthor Commented:
I got nowhere to post it...
if you give me a way to post it ... I will
ChangiAuthor Commented:
One more thing... about this site ...
What these points represent? Do I have to earn points to put other questions?
Because I couldn't figure out how this site works...
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To post you fla, use a free webspace provider...
ChangiAuthor Commented:
I have resolved this problem...
But now I have another one :)
In a window I have 16 images representing 16 buttons themselves ... I want that every image of them to increase its area until it fills the entire window, this must be done when I click the specific one. But when I am exporting the fla into a swf, the things are happening like this... all the images are increasing their areas one by one.
How can I stop the first frame until I press the click button on the specific image?
Write on the first frame of every movieclip:


or assign to each one:

ChangiAuthor Commented:
OK, this works fine... but this is not what I intentended to do.
This is what I really want:
1. when I click the first image... the movieclip from the scene 2 starts, after the movieclip is finished...the screen will stop on the last image of the movieclip, when I click again ... it will appear again the first window with those 16 choices (16 images-buttons)...
2. when I click the second image... the moviecliip from the scene 3 starts... and so on...
ChangiAuthor Commented:
Check this out:
I assigned this script to every image-button :

gotoAndPlay("Scene x", frame_number);

and at the first frame of every movieclip I have written


as you said...
But no clip does want to start.
ChangiAuthor Commented:
I have found a solution...
I have deleted the
from every movieclip and I have written in the beggining of the Scene 1, frame 1
gotoAndStop("Scene 1", 1);
and now the buttons are starting the movieclips that I want...
but I don't know how can I return, after a movieclip ends, to the scene 1 , frame 1 (after waiting a click).

ChangiAuthor Commented:
Thank you
I figured out by my self...
ChangiAuthor Commented:
Maybe you can give me another tip :-)
Is there an option or something to make an image to turn like a real book page.
>Is there an option or something to make an image to turn like a real book page.

the best ever made:

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ChangiAuthor Commented:
Thanks a lot.

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