AT commands for getting Network details in Nokia phones

does any one know which are the AT commands for getting the Network related details like RX level,Cell Id, LAC,RX Quality etc
from Nikia phones.for tis do we need FBUS cable.
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You can enable the netmoniter in Nokia 51XX and 61XX series phone by using logo manager software with DAU 9P cable or comptible. you can see almost all the parameters related to network. Otherwise you can directly see all these parametre in softtware itself.
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manojpmAuthor Commented:
Comment to mobimouse
i mean to convert the network details shown in the Network monitor of logomanager to other user defined methods like graph for example the RX level shown in the netmonitor to be converted into a graph format.

These work on my Siemens modem, and are standard GSM commands, maybe they are supported on the Nokia :

+CREG: 0,1          


+COPS: 0,0,"vodafone UK"                        


chann rs  dBm MCC MNC BCC  C1  C2
  89  45  -65 234  15   6  39  39
  87  22  -88 234  15   3  16  16
  81  19  -91 234  15   6  13  13
  83  18  -92 234  15   2  12  12
 561   8 -102 234  15   1 -10 -10
  69   7 -103 234  15   7   1   1

Serving Cell                                          I Dedicated channel
chann rs  dBm MCC MNC  LAC cell NCC BCC PWR RXLev  C1 I chann TS timAdv PWR  dBm
 Q ChMod
  67  44  -66 234  15 0016 4046   2   2  37  -108  38 I    No connection



The following link leads to a page where u can download a pdf which as all the AT commands for Nokia's GSM products ...
Hope this helps ...,6566,040,00.html?fsrParam=3-3-/main/0,6566,1_55_20,00.html&fileID=2230

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Hi manojpm,

   I'm working in a project with GSM, where I need obtain information about Network detais in Nokia phones, like you. There are some AT commands that give this info (MONP, MONI,...), but these commands are not standard (don´t work with Nokia phones.

   Is posible to acces to this info throw the FBUS protocol, but I don't know how can I do.

  If you know how obtain this info, you could tell me.

Thank you very much,


Andrés de la Fuente
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