HP OpenView Vs CiscoWorks

I need to make a recommendation to th managment for a centralized network discovery and maintenance tool. I am looking at Cisco works and HP Opneview. I would appreciate if someone could share their experience or comment on the same.Thanks!
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Pete LongTechnical ConsultantCommented:
Hi net-geek,
Cisco works is a good tool, never used openview, consider this youll find it cheaper and IT ROCKS!!!

Solarwinds Engineers Toolkit (price £688.00 sterling)
(This is a fantastic product - I use it every day)

If you are a pure Cisco environment, then do Cisco works.  Openview is a good net management tool for heterogeneous environments. There are several others you can consider, depending on your environment.  CA-Unicenter is good and expensive.  Novell Zen for Servers is also a good network discovery/management tool that handles SNMP and RMON (it's like ManageWise's big brother...)
Steve JenningsSr Manager Cloud Networking OpsCommented:
I have both and I prefer HP OpenView . . . it's easier to have your own scripts called on detecting certain conditions, and it was far easier for me to customize. Actually, I had so many problems with Cisco Works that I wanted to attack the machine it was running on with a blow torch. That was in early 2002. Part of the problem was that when I ordered it they sent me -- it comes on several CDs -- incompatible versions . . . then Cisco's Java license ran out requiring a fix to be downloaded from the Cisco site . . . Last, I was running CW2K on a 2GHz machine with 1GB memory . . . and it was a little slow.

In fairness, I prefer Unix over MS and I ordered Works/View for Windows 2000, that may have been my first mistake. Im running OpenView on and pretty quick HPUX box.

Get more opinions . . . Im just soured on CiscoWorks because of the grief I had installing, configuring and using it compared to how easy OpenView was to work with.

Having said all that, I work for Verizon and LOTS of people here in IT, Verizon Online, and a couple of other divisions use Solar Winds, it's a good product and far less pricey than OV or CW2K.

Good luck,

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Steve JenningsSr Manager Cloud Networking OpsCommented:
Also . . . Dell has a free tool that they are pushing. Snoop around on their website to find it.
Pete LongTechnical ConsultantCommented:
just to quantify SteveJ's comments DONT try and install Cisco works 2000 in anything above a P3 processor, and avoid the two days, farting around I had :0)

Agree with above. Ciscoworks is quirky to install, but it does have some good features. The inventory and update features, along with logging and change management are excellent, but only if all you have are Cisco products, and only if you have hundreds of devices. Yes, it will work with any snmp managable device, but not as well as the old standard HPOV, and not with as many features as for Cisco products.

The live map in Ciscoworks is funky and not very "pretty"
The live maps in HPOV are very nice.

If you want a nice alternative, look at Solarwinds Orion. This is one slick product that works with ALL of your snmp managable devices and has especially nice server monitoring funcitons and "dashboard" quick looks and a really awsome live map. It is super easy to install and configure. Add the complete solarwinds tool set that Pete mentioned and you've got yourself a nice all-around network management solution.
Zen for Servers has a nice live map feature, too, and will work with anything that has a MIB.  It also manages both Windows and NetWare server upgrades, and is great for distributing files across a WAN and pushing service packs.
Pete LongTechnical ConsultantCommented:
>>Solarwinds Orion

?? when did that come out ??

Not sure when it came out (within the past year), but it is slick!

Pete LongTechnical ConsultantCommented:
:0) ThanQ
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