RAID - Unallocated Space

Hi,i have a serious problem here, so..please help me asap.
I bought a new asus p4p800 deluxe mobo, and 2 seage IDE 120gb disk plan was to setup a RAID 1 mirror mode on those disks. I did that with the raid utility that loads up after bios. i installed windows xp on a separate disk, and formated the "drive" (drives) with partiton magic, NTFS.
It showed correctly up as a drive D: and i tried copying stuff to worked.
My actual goal was to copy the stuff from my old 120 gb maxtor drive to this new raid drive, but i realized i was couldnt connect it because there were no more free power cords...(cdrom+disk with os+2 drives in array)

So i thought i would connect it to another pc, and copy all the files through the network...but then i got the idea that i could maybe set the array again up, but with one maxtor and one seagate disk, so all stuff would be exactly copied to the seagate drive, and then id replace the maxtor with the other seagate again...and it would copy the stuff on this one, too.

I removed the master disk of the two seagates, and booted to the raid util, it said that one drive is missing or damagad, and i could take power off my pc and replace the damaged drive, i could remove the connection to those 2 disk and some other options....since the seagate was empty, i took the remove connection ("un-array") option.
I placed the maxtor drive as the master drive, and seagate as slave...and booted to win, and used the windows software for the raid controller.

I selected the option for mode 1, mirroring...there was a list of drives on the left side, the maxtor and the seagate disk,...and i should choose which one is the SOURCE drive, so i selected the maxtor. Then it asked for the mirror drive, i selected the seagate disk.
I had to reboot, so i did...
the raid util jumped in, and asked if i want to duplicate data from source drive maxtor, to mirror drive seagate...i said yes, and it worked for a hour or so....a progress bar showing how much was copied. After it finished, the pc rebooted and i windows started up, but there was no drive d...and win disk managament showed the disk as a 114 gb disk with "unallocated space"....

HELP !!!

my theory is that it has to do with the filesystem, since the source was fat32, but mirror was ntfs. ...i thought it would copy every lil bit over and become fat32 too....guess i was wrong. Could it be that the files are FAT32, but the "header" (or something like that) of the disks are saying that its ntfs ? ...(im new to raid, and i know lil about filesystems...) ..if i guessed right, if this is the there something like a tool, where i can tell the disk that its not ntfs filsys, its fat32 ?

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Why dont you make the other drive FAT32 as well. I think they have to be the same file system
Or use PM to convert the fat32 to NTFS

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NeXsAuthor Commented:
But it copied all the data from the maxtor drive to the seagate.....shouldnt it change the seagate disk to ntfs too ? think i should format the seagate disk with fat32 and let the duplicate process start all over ?
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NeXsAuthor Commented:
typo...shouldnt it change the seagate disk to "FAT32" (not ntfs)
I really don't know but you can do it manually and then mirror again and see how it goes.
Here give this a try
Open Disk Manage Start > Run diskmgmt.msc
And on the the menu Action > Rescan Diks
and see what happens
NeXsAuthor Commented:
YES !!! ...i made it :)
i dont know how but i guess during the data transfer, partiton info got lost (curious it happened on both disks...)...
i was lookin trhough all options in partition magic, and there was one...undelete, it scanned the drive for lost partitions, and found my partition :D
anyways, it works now...
crazyleg, thanks for the suggestions....since youre the only one who showed interest in my case, and cause i dont give a f bout some "points"...its the support that counts...ima award u with the 500 points
thanks a lot, i appreciate that

greetingz from bosnia 'n hercegovina...peace :)
Cool glad that you got a solution and thanks :)
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