interbase and windows xp

I'm traying to install interbase 5 in a computer with windows xp Professional version 2002.
When I click on the folder with the files in order to install the interbase software the windows explorer gives the following error message:
"explorer.exe - Aplication Error.... unknown software exception. ...... Can't read memory....".
I have no idea,
any sugestions,
Thanks in advance.
Laura Perez
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Interbase 5 is known to have some significant problems, would not advise to use.  Version 5.6 is more stable.   You can also get version 6.0 as open source.  Interbase 6.0 became Firebird as the open source version.  Can be found on SourceForge I do believe.  There is also an issue with earlier verions of Interbase and XP.  Any file that ends with .GDB (the default for Interbase) is considered a protected file under XP, and it will attempt to back it up each time the file changes.  Serious slow down performance problem.    Is this to be a commercial, or business critical application, I would recommend the current version 7.1.  It has many performance improvements and is actively supported.
Hi Laura Perez

chart11610 has perfectly right (back up).

But using IB6 (download from for example choose instead of .GDB extension an other extension for example .IB6 because this is possible too used IB6, and the above mentioned slowing down disappears. Of course IB 7.1 offers a lot of new technique and advantage but has an other advantange: is free...

with best regards

LauraPerezAuthor Commented:
Thank you for the previus answerd. But now I've just installed Interbase 6.0  on XP. I can login to the server with no problem, but can't seem to create a database. I'm probably doing something really stupid, but I registered an existing database through IBConsole but can't connect to it. I always get the error "DPB Constant (0) is unknown". Same thing happens when I try to open one of the sample databases. What am I doing wrong? Thanks in advance for the tip.....
Best regards,

Laura Perez.
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is this a local file/DB?

please let me know detailled what were you doing

LauraPerezAuthor Commented:
I've installed interbase 6.0 on XP. Fisrt, I've registered a Local Server. I've loged in to the server succesfully with the user:SYSDBA and pass:masterkey. Secondly, I've registered an existing database "c:\Sistema Integral\Base de Datos\SISTEMAINTEGRAL.GDB". Finally when I try to connect to the database (in the IBConsole I right-click over the database and select connect).  I always get the error "DPB Constant (0) is unknown".

Laura Perez
Thanks dear Laura,

sorry for disturbing you only, without real help. I use win2000prof SR2 and til now I didn't met this message. I thought I can help. This is not this case :-(   I hope somebody could help you in this area.

Suggestion:  try on
you have to log in then you choose
then select
this is the borland's developer network, where you can set your specific question

with best regards

A newer idea:

please check whether the version of server and client are the same?

then something other:
only one version of gds32.dll can be on your PC. If you didn't erase the earlier even in an other directory this could cause big problems.


LauraPerezAuthor Commented:
Thank you very much for your sugestions. I've uninstall everything about interbase and started from the scratch. I've installed it again and it work correctly.

Best regards,
Laura Perez.
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