formating HD

I have a 2GHz PC with a 60 Gb HD (a single partition) and win98.
I would like to clean completely my hard disk, reformat it into three equal partitions and install the winXP.
Where can I find detailed, step by step instructions, not too computerese, how to do it?
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1st you need to "Delete Existing Hard Drive Partition with FDISK"

1.Make a boot disk with your CD-ROM driver, FDISK, edit, himem.sys, Format. (

2.Place the Windows 9x boot disk into the floppy drive.

3.When presented with the utility menu select option 1 for FDISK.

4.When prompted press any key to continue.

5.Type Y to enable 32bit FAT. N for FAT16 (note: you will be limited to creating partions of 2.0gig in size.

6.Type 3 to delete existing DOS partition.

7.Type 1 to delete the PRIMARY DOS PARTITION.

8.Type 1 to select PRIMARY DOS PARTITION.

9.When prompted for VOLUME LABEL, look at the partition information at the top of the screen. Type in exactly what is written under Volume Label for the first partition. If there is nothing there, press the Enter key.

10.Type Y to verify deletion of the partition.

11.The primary DOS partition has been deleted. Press the Esc key and the system should reboot to the utility menu.

Create a New DOS Primary Partition

1.Type FDISK the at the command prompt and press ENTER:

2.Click #1. Create DOS Partition or Logical DOS drive' and press ENTER.

3.Click #1. Create Primary DOS Partition' and press ENTER.

4.Follow the instructions to create a primary partition of the desired size.

5.Set your Active Partition. Select 2 from the FDISK Main menu, and set your active partition drive. It should be your primary partition.

6.Now that's done, get out of FDISK and reboot your system and boot from your boot disk. When you again arrive at the DOS prompt, you can use the format command to format your hard disk drives:

7.At the A:\ type Format X: Where X: is the drive you want to format and press ENTER.

8.Format will ask you if your sure you wish to continue and at this point the data been long gone so just hit the Y key.

9.After the format, you can switch to your CD-ROM drive and run setup.exe.

Create a New DOS Extended Partition and Logical drives

Note: When creating the primary partition do not choose to use 100% of the hard drive for C:

Example 1: using a 4.3gig Hard Drive

1.During the Primary partion creation stage select 50% of the drive that will give you a 2150gig partion for a majority of your needs. Finish the motions of this process except the exiting FDISK

2.Reenter option 1 select create extended partion, usage for this you should input 100% usage.

3.Reenter option 1 select create logical drive, usage for this should be a percentage of the extended partion created for the first logical drive created.

4.Reenter option 1 select create logical drive, usage for this should be a percentage of the extended partion created minus the amount of space taken by the other logical drives

5.The drive sizes should go from largest to smallest. If not you need to delete the partions and start over. What will happen if not? The partions will disappear without a chance to save the data once used.

6.The table above is only an example but I do recommend creating a table similar to this when creating multiple partions.

See: How to make a Extended/Logical Partitions

Format Hard drive and Logical Partions

1.After the FDISK reboot at the A:\ type Format X: Where X: is the drive you want to format and press ENTER.

2.Format will ask you if your sure you wish to continue and at this point the data been long gone so just hit the Y key.

3.Follow steps 1 & 2 for each logical partion created inside of the extended partion.

4.After the format, you can switch to your CD-ROM drive and run setup.exe.

Note: Don't worry about the volume label for the drive(s) at this time.

Install Windows 9x Operating System

1.Power up the system and insert the Microsoft Windows 9x CD and wait approximately 20-30 seconds to allow the CD-ROM drive to spin up.

2.Press the Enter key and Setup will copy the files needed for installation to your hard drive (this will take a few minutes).
Press the Enter key when this is complete.

3.Windows 9x installation will now begin. When asked, choose Typical from the options given.

4.Enter the Product ID and your name when prompted.

5.Click on Next when Setup asks you which Windows Components you want to install.

6.When prompted, choose No, I do not want a startup disk.

7.Click on Next again and then wait for the percentage bar to reach 100%.

8.The computer will restart and ask you to wait again.

9.Eventually it will ask you for your time zone. Pick the appropriate zone for your location.

10.It will then ask you to set up a printer. If you do not have a printer connected to the computer at this time, just click on Cancel. You can set-up a printer later.

11.After this, the computer will restart again.

12.Windows 9x is now installed.

How to Use the Fdisk Tool and the Format Tool to Partition or Repartition a Hard Disk;en-us;255867
You can also do this right from the XP installation. When the CD boots and you select NEW INSTALLATION you'll be presented with a menu displaying the current partitions from which you can delete the current partitions and create new ones.

 If the disk was ever used with non-microsoft operating systems, a third part partition manager or linux you might want to zero our the boot loader and partitioning with the disk manufacturer's destructive disk test utility, wdclear or killdisk, boot from the XP CD and proceed as above.

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forget about crazyone! chicagoan is going the right way. just do it in xp's boot program. no way to do it easier. :)
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all roads lead to mecca
ajundra not need to make this personal your about me is uncalled for
i'm sorry crazyone. this wasn't meant to be a personal attack against you. it's just... you can spend three hours installing win9x (which isn't really was he wanted) as you described or go the easy way and just do it in half an hour.

don't take me too serious, please. ok?
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