Programatic access to the MaxDataAxisValue and MinDataAxisValue of the IGraphObject

I'm writing a report with and c# that generates three seperate bar graphs from the same set of data.  I want to be able to find the largest value in the data set and programatically set the MinDataAxisValue of all the graphs to the same value, so that the relative size of the bars on each graph is the same.

I get access to the report object with this line

BIRGraphReport gr = new BIRGraphReport();

where BIRGraphReport refers to the BIRGraphReport.rpt file.

The problem is I can't find any access to the graph object in the report object.  In I look in the properties window for the graph and it says it is of type IGraphObject, but when I search for that object in the object browser, the browser can't find the class or interface.  Please help.
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Which version and edition of CR?

What references to CR are you including in the application.

To get what you want you will probably need to use the CRAXDDRT library or its equivalent for asp.  CRAXDDRT is the Crystal Reports ActiveX Designer Design and RunTime Library.  It exposes design time objects to the application at runtime.  Problem is you must pay for a license for each client.

lloyd13Author Commented:
I'm using the CR edition that comes with Visual Studio .NET.  In the About Microsoft Development Environment it just says  Crystal Reports for Visual Studio .NET

The references I have to CR are


is CRAXDDRT a library usable from a .net application?
lloyd13Author Commented:
I did a search for CRAXDDRT and found craxddrt20.dll in ..\Common Files\Crysal Decisions\1.0\bin

I included this a reference to my project and through the Object Browser I can see that it contains the class definision for GraphObject with implements the IGraphObject interface.  The IGraphObject interface has all the properties I need to modify the attributes of the chart.

I also found the reference to the graph in my BIRGraphReport object like so


The problem now is that gr.Section1.ReportObjects["Graph1"] is a ChartObject in the CrystalDecisions.CrystalReports.Engine library and not a GraphObject.  When I try to cast it to a GraphObject I get a "Specified Cast Is Not Valid" exception.  So I'm closer but still not able to modify the properties of the graph.

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