Serious Problem with CD-ROM DRIVE.

I have samsung CD Drive SC-152, AZUS 810 motherboard, P-3 800 MHz, windows xp. The problem is when i try to access my Cd in the drive the computer RESTARTS. I have tried all possible options i knew, changed the os, virus scan, changed the cd drive to secondary-master & secondary-slave (from primary slave). there is also no electricity problem. And the odd part is, if I put some other CD drive of some other company there is no problem.
Please help me. I m fed up with it.
Thanking you
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If using a different CDROM drive cures the problem, it is very likely the Samsung is faulty.  Something that causes the computer to restart (or reset) is usually an indication of bad hardware.  The only other thing to do is to try that drive in another computer and see if you get the same problem.
It could also be that your power supply (is at its limit) just cant handle powering up that drive. Where as the other drive may not use as much power. I have had a similar problem with a week PSU that would blue screen my pc when a drive was opened. A new higher wattage PSU cured that problem.

I would also check the drive in a different PC as suggested by Callandor.
If you end up with the same results in it. You can bet it is a dead drive.
The Samsung SC-152 does not have native support for Windows XP. There may be firmware to update the drive avaiable at:
The Firmware Page
Determine the exact model number, 152A,C,G,L and try...otherwise get an XP compatible drive. T
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I have a hard time believing that samsungs latest drive (52X) doesn't have XP support.

Where dose this inf. come from?

Taken from the manual page 1
System Requirements.
Windows 95/98/2000/ME/XP
Windows NT 4.0 (or higher)
Requires acrobat reader.
The 152A,G,L, can be flashed for XP, the 152C does not have a firmware update. Thank Chicagoan for the direct link. T
Certainly deleting and redetecting the hardware, using a known good cable is the place to start.

The guy has 2 choices, return the drive or flash it based on anecdotal evidence in the news groups that some people with some versions the 152 had problems with XP and Samsung's newer firmware helped them.
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I have recently upgraded from Win2K to XP Pro. Generally the overall
stability & performance improvement is good - however I have had a few
issues - not show stoppers - but irritants.

I decided that I would do an install in place as described  MS KB
article 315341. When I started the process, I got a message telling me
that Easy CD Creator 5 was installed and would need to remove it. It
was the same message I received when I upgraded but as I didn't have
it installed ( I had installed some HP cd software when I first got
the cd writer of theirs so presume it was a hangover from that) I
ignored it first time of upgrading. This was probably a mistake
because my cd-rom & cd - writer had never autoplayed or run since the

So when I was doing the install in place to "repair" my installation
and got the  message I decide to remove all traces of Easy CD. I went
to roxio's web site and found an faq telling me how to do just that.

I renamed the following with an extension of .rox, cdr4_2k.sys,
cdralw2k.sys, cdral.dll & cdrtc.dll.

All of the above were in system or system32 off the winnt folder (or I
think they were). I also followed the instructions to delete the
program folders for Adaptec, CD-Direct and remove those entries within
the registry. I still have the folders in my recycle bin.

Doing this removed my cd-rom (samsung sc152 & hp cd-writer 9100i.  No
matter i thought I can boot from the CD and install with the repair
option. Went through the process with no problem and with cd-rom or
writer at the end of it.

Now of course I have no cd drive to install drivers from. And while
device manager sees them both I get the following status

"Windows cannot load the device driver for this hardware. The driver
may be corrupted or missing. (Code 39)"

Problem is that I cannot access the CD to get to them! Samsung's site
is not much help as it demands to load a Korean charcter set and of
course that's on my CD init? So I can't download their drivers.

I can't find the renamed drivers even after searching the whole disk
so the upgrade must have moved them somewhere.

Now I can boot from the CD I what I want to know is if I just do an
install (remember I have the upgrade CD) will I then get the drivers?

One other thing is that  this is a dual boot machine, so if I knew
where the drivers were kept on the XP upgrade CD I could copy them to
my Win98 parttition which is visible from XP and install from there.

Any help gratefully appriciated.

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ashishsupranAuthor Commented:
Well i have checked that my drive is working fine in other computers, some drive of other company is working fine with my computer. And it is certainly not an XP problem, as it also occurs on BOOT UP. The ans by Mr. Snowguy can be correct, but then why other drives work fine?
>The guy has 2 choices, return the drive or flash it
Why this drive would work in another machine and another drive work in this machine...
Assuming you're using the same cable another CD works on, double checked master/slave/CS jumpers, and have tried manual DMA settings, I'd go for option 1.
I think that you may have a week power supply.
You would need to monitor the voltages (12v,5v,3.3) when the drive is being accessed.
Or replace it with a higher wattage unit.

Could you list your hardware and the rating on your PSU please.

Use this guide to check your power requirements.

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