adding searching capabilities to my site

hi everyone:

i would like to know if anyone knows how to add searching capabilities to my site. i don't mean to have my site indexed by a search engine or anything like that, what i want is to provide people with the posibility of entering a word or set of words and have a page that will display a list of my pages that contain that word. it is kind of an internal site search engine.

in the past i used the free services of and i had my site indexed by them everytime that i made any changes but i think that they don't offer that for free anymore.

does anyone knows of other site that migh offer the same kind of service or the algorithm that i can use or add to my site to get this done. fyi, part of the site is hosted on a jakarta-tomcat server and the rest is hosted in an Apache server.
some code will help lots.


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I don't have any code, but this is what i use to create a global search engine in a site:

There is a free trial if you'd like to check it out.

You can use a javascript search engine.
seanpowellCommented: has an outstanding free search component.
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chrome2000Author Commented:
seanpowell and zenlion420:

i think that you have to pay for those , sorry but my boss is cheap :)

i will try the solution given by jaysolomon and see where i get,

any more info will be appreciated,


Your boss will probably spend more paying you by the hour to figure this out than the price of the software, but hey, nothing beats a little job security :)  Good Luck.

>> has an outstanding free search component.

It's free - doesn't cost a cent, and there's no time limit. It's called the express account.

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chrome2000Author Commented:
good point about the job security part :), the truth is that he probably have to pay me anyways but i am sure that he expects me to figure out things without having to pay extra $$$$. on the other hand is bettre if i learn some new skills, thanks anyways
chrome2000Author Commented:
will look into that seanpowell rite now
Definitely, learning more PLUS getting paid?  Sweet deal.

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