Domain login for FTP (IIS 5.0/Win 2K)

How do I get my FTP server to use domain user accounts without having to enter the domain before the username.  For example, currently when I logon onto my FTP server I have to type "MyDomain\JoeUser" and then the password.  I would like to just have to type "JoeUser," without having to add the domain.  I have made sure the Domain Users are included in the "Log on Locally" of the local security policy, I have also removed Anonymous authentication from the site and set Authenticated Users into the operators.  But, still nothing.  Am I missing something?
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RindbaekSenior ConsultantCommented:
What version of IIS do you use and what platform is the ftp server?

Milano_EH3Author Commented:
IIS 5.0, regular Microsoft FTP
RindbaekSenior ConsultantCommented:
Is the server a member of the domain you want to validate against or in a seperate workgroup/domain?

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Milano_EH3Author Commented:
I found the solution...  It's something obscure and ridiculous, considering I never keep the InetPub folder and all those example scripts on my machines.  Apparently this issue is addressed more appropriately in IIS 6.0.;en-us;310723
RindbaekSenior ConsultantCommented:

Good luck with it

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