Mouse pointer speed is slow during games

I just baught a new graphics card, it is a Asylum Geforce FX 5200. I have an XP Athalon 1800 with 256mb of ram. I also have windows XP. I would play computer games the mouse pointer would not go as fast as I was moving the mouse. The game would be running fine just the pointer. The graphic card works fine I have tested it with the nvidia demos. This does not happen to all my games. Morrowind and Jurassic Park are the only ones that do this as far as I can tell. War Craft 3 and Diablo 2 dont do it. I put the pointer speed to all the way up but it still happens. It is not that bad, but it does get annoying . I cant think of what to do. Please help me fix this problem!!!!!!!!!
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Is this the same problem as

It would be nicer if you post back rplies giving feedback regarding how far did a suggestion help you solve your problem and what more do you want ...  
from "I put the pointer speed to all the way up but it still happens" I am guessing that you indeed used the method I gave in the above post... Did you push the hardware accelaration up ? That matters more... If you did not, then do it now and try again.
Not sure how this relates to Game Graphics, or even Game Development in general. Maybe you'd have better luck posting under another category... perhaps one geared more towards troubleshooting?
Thor_The_GreatAuthor Commented:
What do you mean put the hardware acceleration up? Do you mean my graphic card. If so what on it should I accelerate. I have no idea how to set my graphics card to best performance.
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Thor_The_GreatAuthor Commented:
I found the hardware accelerator, but it was already at the highest it can go.
then I guess you really are getting the best from your system ... There is not much optimization to do at your PC ... or you can try asking at the harware topic area
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