Creating a web site with the use of JAVA SERVER PAGES will i need a controller

I am to create a web site with using either JSP or ASP.

What I would like to know is if I am using an (MVC)Model View Controller architecture how would the site be constructed in terms of a controller.

By this I mean I know the :
       Model will be a database e.g mysql, MS access etc..
       View will be either a combination of HTML, JSP, ASP PHP etc..
Am I correct so far

But I struggle to understand what will act as a controller in either case of JSP and ASP

Would i be right in saying
to use JAVA objects will be the controller
and VB SCRIPT be the controller in ASP

If am wrong with what I've said then am confussed so could you elaborate the MVC for ASP/JSP

AND could you provide simeple examples of MVC using the hello world as an example for both ASP and JSP.

Thanks ICE

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MVC can mean different things in different circumstances. What you're referring to is more concerned with web application *tiers* or layers.

The main location of the MVC pattern with web applications nowadays is Struts. This is the way to go in designing web apps probably. Pleanty of documentation and examples available.

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If you want to use MVC in your JSP enabled web site. You can either implement your own MVC architecture or use an application framework like Struts.
You can read the explanation for MVC using struts here.
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The comment was not there when I posted it . Maybe I didnt reload it.
OK ;-)
Ice_1Author Commented:
I am referring to MVC as the web application tiers, What am interested is in what software can be used to create the controller.

Would it be if am using JSP, java or can I use a different language like Visual Basic.

Also if I use JSP how secure would that be in terms of getting users to login through user name password and personal details etc..

>  What am interested is in what software can be used to create the controller.

  Typically you would use Servlets for the controller.

> Would it be if am using JSP, java or can I use a different language like Visual Basic.

  Java Servlets.

> Also if I use JSP how secure would that be in terms of getting users to login through
>user name password and personal details etc..

  Typically you will get the same amount of security as you get with any other language but it depends on the encryption algorithm. If you are talking with regards to login authentication and authorization then the security is implemented as part fo the Servlet enginee and you do not have to worry about that.

If you decide to use JSP to generate your HTML pages (which is effectively Java inside HTML), then the servlet container (eg. Tomcat, Resin, etc.) will be able to provide the login security that you are looking for.

Struts is Java based and acts as a framework (hence the name ;-)) for your code within the servlet container.

I don't know very much about ASP, other than it seems to be moving to ASP.NET.  In this case, you'll probably be looking at a Microsoft server.  And you're asking in the wrong TA ;-)

Since you're only spending 50 points, it might be worth repeating this question in the Web Languages TA.

Sorry girionis.  I seem to have overlapped with you ;-)  Your post wasn't present when I started typing ;-)
 Np, it happens all the time :)
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