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Hi all, i have a form which multiple people fill out. Rather than have a different view for each person so they can not see each others forms, how could i have just 1 view and the people would see only forms they submitted. Basically is there a way on the form i can say who ever orginally created this and the admin role can see this particular document, but no one else can.

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Add two COMPUTED WHEN COMPOSED readers names field, with the following formulas:

1: @UserName
2: "[Administrator"

(For #2, ths would be to allow reading by anyone that has an ACL role of Administrator.)
Setting up the readers field is the way to go. Not necessarily two fields a single field with multi values will do.

The formula should be like this

@Unique(DocReaders : @UserName : "[AdminRole]")

Second consideration that might have to be taken care would be to Enable "Don't show categories having zero documents" if you have categorized column in the view. This setting is available in Views property .. Advanced tab.


I like two fields because of all the times I've seen people forget to check off "allow multiple values," and then nobody has access.  I've seen top dog Notes guys get themselves in a bind this way!
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I agree, But there were situations where people forgot the existence of other readers/authors field and get into trouble.
unknown45Author Commented:
I have everyone listed in the access control list of the database and most of them have over reader rights, so then all of them would be able to access this document. If i remove them from the database ACL list then they couldn't access the form correct?
I'm not sure what you just said, very confusing language.

Readers fields are an optional setting on documents that restricts who can see the document.  No reader field (or all blank reader fields) provide no restriction.  Adding a readers fields means that only those listed in teh readers field (or the combination of people listed in multiple reads fields) will get to see the document, regardless of ACL settings.  So, the readers field has nothing to do with ACL reader access, or acl author access, or acl manager, etc.

Author fields are different.  They allow "editor" access to a particular document for someone listed in the ACL as Author; otherwise, that person is treated as a reader of the document.  (In addition, the Author field overrides reader restrictions - an author is always treated as a reader, even if not explicitly listed in a reader field.  if there are no reader fields, or only blank reader fields, this does not apply, as there are no reader restrictions there anyway.)

If you are not listed in the ACL at all, then default access applies to the user.

I will reiterate on point: If you are listed in ACL as a reader, but there is a document with a readers field in it, then you will NOT be able to read that document unless you are also in teh reader field for that document. Reader access has NOTHING to do with reader fields.

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unknown45Author Commented:
Thanks, Qwaletee. Yes I guess I didn't express myself very clearly but you did a good job a deciphering it!
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