Using ASP code to Insert single quote into Oracle

I am created  apply information web application form.  I would like to save user input information with single quote into oracle databace.
 I try used function Replace(SQL,"'","''")
for my code example:  
 sql="insert into Person "
 sql= sql & "( lastname, firstname ) " 
 sql= sql & "values ('"
 sql= sql & request.form(replace("lastname","'","''")) & "', '"
 sql= sql & request.form(replace("firstname","'","''")) & "') "
 set objrec = objconn.execute(sql)

But the replace funtion doesn't work in oracle database.  Please help!  How can I use  ASP code to  insert single quote into oracle databace? Thanks.
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>  I try used function Replace(SQL,"'","''")
> for my code example:  
>  sql="insert into Person "
>  sql= sql & "( lastname, firstname, ) " 
>  sql= sql & "values ('"
>  sql= sql & request.form(replace("lastname","'","''")) & "', '"
>  sql= sql & request.form(replace("firstname","'","''")) & "') "
>  set objrec = objconn.execute(sql)

Try this:

Create a function to do the modification for you, like this:

     Function FixSQL( strSQL )
          FixSQL = "'" & Replace(strSQL, "'", "''") & "'"
     End Function

Then use it like this:
     sql="insert into Person "
     sql= sql & "( lastname, firstname, ) " 
     sql= sql & "values ("
     sql= sql & FixSQL(request.form("lastname")) & ", "
     sql= sql & FixSQL(request.form("firstname")) & ") "

Hope That Helps,

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LiLibAuthor Commented:
Hi Dex,

Thank you very much.  I will try it.


> Thank you very much.  I will try it.

If it works for you, please accept my answer.  If it doesn't work for you, post a message saying what's wrong, and we'll work together to fix it.  :)

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The replace function is working fine, but you are using it in wrong way. You can't replace the Form control with this function.
( as used in your code:   request.form(replace("lastname","'","''")))

To replace the value in request object, Try the following:

Let me know if it works.

LiLibAuthor Commented:
Hello Dex* and Jammyg,
Both your functions work perfectly in my project.  Thank both of you for nice help.
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