Installing Windows2000 on a PC without CDROM

I need to install Win2000 on a laptop that does not have CDROM. I've created a bootable floppy that loads TCPIP and I'm able to connect to an other PC's shared CDROM via LAN.  

What should I run to start installation? Setup.exe can not be run in DOS mode and there are no other Setup or Install on Win2000 installation CD.
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If you can get to the files with the connection you have explained run winnt and it will run in dos

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the winnt.exe file is in the I386 directory
A long way to do it but it will be done is to use ghost.  What you do is use a computer and install 2K on another computer then uploade taht image to a server.  You next just drop that to the computer.  It is a long way but will work and you can get a 30 day trial of ghost for free.
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alex1234Author Commented:
CMorehosue, thanks!

I have an other problem - setup says I need a drive with 500,000 MB of free space. I have hard drive unformatted and it is not visible. All I have is a RAM drive. What should I do?

P.S. I increased points. I need a help throughout the entire installation
run fdisk and see if it sees the hard drive, if it does create partition then try it again
alex1234Author Commented:

I believe that image (ghost) is tired to a hardware, isn't it? In other words, I can image PC1 that has totally different hardware than PC2 that I need to install Windows to. Are you sure that this will work?

if the drive is visible and fdisk creates a partition windows setup will format it for you
alex1234Author Commented:

I've created a 1000MB DOS partition, it is C:, however installation still displays "...unable to locate harddrive volume with at least 453MB...". Did I miss anything?

alex1234Author Commented:
I've forgot to mention that I made C: partition active with fdisk, is it OK?
I guess i would run format c: from dos then
if you do format the drive I personally would copy the i386 folder to the local drive and run winnt from there
alex1234Author Commented:
One more thing, I can not DIR or create a directory on my new c: drive, it reads "invalid media type reading drive C". However, I CAN switch to C: and back
and yes you want it active
If you have not formatted it you can't use dos commands on the drive yet. formatting will take awhile. you will also want to copy smartdrv.exe from a 98 or 95 computer and run that in dos before you start the install it will speed it up quite a bit
alex1234Author Commented:
Works! It was not formated
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