Debian-NIS No Directory! logging with HOME=/

Hi all,

I have a NIS server on debian 2.4.19. There are lots of users getting proper access to NIS. I have created new users, when those try to login they are able to log in but getting message
No Directory! logging with HOME=/

Users home directories are on Solaris server. I have made correct entry of users home directories in/etc/dfs/dfstab as the previous one and shared those directories . Ownershiop of the directories are also correct. (belongs to the users )

On nis master and all the hosts updated the /etc/auto.home with new users.

I am get stuck at this point, can anybody help me?


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Try mounting a home directory on a machine that gives you the problem, if you get permission denied, then the problem is on the
nfs server (directories are not exported, or not exported correctly -- (exportfs -v) shows exported dirs).

If you can mount the dir, then the problem is automounter. -- try reloading it (kill -HUP ...)
What is the user's home dir in the output of ypcat? Does that match what's defined in a ypcat of auto.home?
amit_atharkarAuthor Commented:
Thanks Tack & Jlevie
I can manually mount the directories with mount. but the automounter is not able to mount it.
users home dir permissions are

drwxr-xr-x   6 rmane    users        512 Nov 14 10:22  rmane

The output of ypcat passwd  gives the hor dir as /home/rmane
mt auto.master is
/home           /etc/auto.home
and /etc/auto.home is
rmane          10..4.0.74:/export/home3/rmane

I want to ask you a simple question, if i restarted autofs service, does it affects the already logged in users.

What is going wrong i still could not understand

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> and /etc/auto.home is
> rmane          10..4.0.74:/export/home3/rmane

10..4.0.74  --- could be the problem ?

Usually autofs reloads config as it changes.

Before restarting autofs, make sure that your config is 100% correct;

No, logged in users are not affected by autofs restart.
Did you do your 'ypcat auto.home' & 'ypcat passwd' on both the server and the client? Do you see the same thing on both the server and the client?
amit_atharkarAuthor Commented:
Sorry friends a little typo mistake ... i forgot one collon from the user entry in passwd file. So silly and i tried all the way to make it possible...
I didnot look at passwd file carefully becoz usually i don't make such mistakes.
But that time was horrible for me...

Thanks for yor posts.

Submitted to PAQ with points refunded (200)

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