system() call hangs

In a PHP program(php1.php) i have a system() call like this:

system('/usr/local/bin/sh php2.php arg1');

The original PHP program (php1.php) when executed hangs. It stops responding. But if the system call is commented the program works fine.

The second PHP file (php2.php) when executed from the command line works fine. But when the same php2.php is called from the php1.php using the system() the code stops responding.

What might be the reason?

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Giovanni GCTOCommented:

What you are doing is basically wrong.
What is '/usr/local/bin/sh'? a bash compiled yourself?
Do this command work if typed in the command line?
 $ /usr/local/bin/sh php2.php arg1

Even if it works, what you typed above means:
/bin/sh -c '/usr/local/bin/sh php2.php arg1'
which makes no sense.

What you probably want is this:
system("/usr/local/bin/php -f php2.php arg1");

Let me know if my considerations are correct :-)
rnavaneeAuthor Commented:
Sorry I made a mistake ...

The call is ..
system('/usr/local/bin/php php2.php arg1');

This call makes causes the execution to hang.

I tried using 'php -f';  Even this fails...


Giovanni GCTOCommented:
and what happens from the command line?
 $ php -f php2.php arg1

note that without the -f it's normal that it hangs, because it tries to read from standard input something that will never arrive
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system('/usr/local/bin/php php2.php arg1');


Do you have shell access to the machine that this is running on? If so, then try executing the command on the command line.

Does it hang?


system('/usr/local/bin/php php2.php arg1 &');

If this does work it will be a temperary fix. you'll need to fix the command so that it doesn't hang.

You might also make sure that /usr/local/bin/php is the correct path.

Why are you trying to do this? There's usually a better way to do things than using system(). You also lose the advantages of running the system as a module(if you are doing so).
rnavaneeAuthor Commented:
The call was

system ('/usr/local/bin/php $scriptName $arg');

The Single quote (') is the cause for all the problems...

I found it by myself.

Giovanni GCTOCommented:
Sure it was, but another time please ask the question as it is in reality.
rnavaneeAuthor Commented:
Yes. I agree. It was my mistake. Sorry for that.
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