Merging unallocated space

Ok I have had insomnia for the past few days so my mind is a bit mushy. So I may be off my rocker.

Hears the deal. I have been playing around with installing XP partially to get screen shots of the process so I can have them on my web site so people can have a visual aid for installing. Ok on one run of installing I had XP make one partition 3.5 GB's formatted as NTFS of a 4GB drive and left the .5 unallocated. Now after it is installed I go to the disk manager and see that I have a 3.5GB partition and .5 unallocated. Cool just like it should.

Now I thought XP could, in fact I told people it could, merge the unallocated space to the active partition. However I can't find how to do it. When I right click on the unallocated space I get only one option "Create new partition". So I do that and no where during the wizard that comes up does it ever offer to merge it into the other partition. So I create the partition and then then the next screen gives the option to format NTFS, FAT, FAT32. Of course I choose NTFS. Fine it formats the new partition and when done I have a new partition and of course I know XP can't merge existing partition. And the DISKPART in the Recovery Console only has two options Add and Delete.

So where did I get this idea that unallocated space could merge with and NTFS partition.
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Well I didn't realize the source of the question was you Spencer.

I guess I should think about this some more.
CrazyOneAuthor Commented:
I know that Glenn :)

I figured it out. The win2000 resource kit has a DISKPART utility in the Resource kit that does it.
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CrazyOneAuthor Commented:
CrazyOneAuthor Commented:
I told you my mind was mush. :)
CrazyOneAuthor Commented:
A Description of the Diskpart Command-Line Utility;en-us;300415&Product=winxp
:) I guess you'll be requesting a refund and a PAQ? :(

Keep your eye's open. I'm going to be posting a question today as well. It has me stumped.
CrazyOneAuthor Commented:

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CrazyOneAuthor Commented:
Ok I will keep an eye out for it Glenn. I have one that has me stumped too which I have been meaning to ask.
CrazyOneAuthor Commented:
I just confirmed that DISPART does extend a partition into unallocated space.
No problems here:

CrazyOneAuthor Commented:
Hi Glenn (gemarti) and how is it going for you
I've been busy the last few laws to comply with (Sarbanes-Oxley).
Haven't had much time to get online, except to check email and post a comment in the TA every once in a while.

I guess all is going well with you? I haven't seen you posting much.
CrazyOneAuthor Commented:
>>>I guess all is going well with you? I haven't seen you posting much.

Well sort of. That WMI problem I posted about well I tried everything I could think of even did a Repair and nothing fixed the problem. So did a fresh install and that did cured the problem. Lots of hours spent installing and configuring software since the fresh install. But then this happened. Decided last night to settled in a Restore Point when the networking was working and now having to reinstall and configure some of the software a second time being vigilant to double check that doing this doesn't foul up my networking again. Geesh what a pain this has been. :)
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