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I am developing an application that requires the development of 30 user defined application exceptions.

Would it be prudent to design a dedicated dll that consists of all the custom exceptions and add it as a reference to the assemblies that require the exceptions or would it be advantageous to include only those exceptions that are required in each assembly.

kind regards Imran Farooq
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I would suggest a comprimise between the two... I would just have a .cs file which contains ALL the exception definitions, and include it in all projects that require it.
imran89Author Commented:
Just to understand your advice further...if I have 3 projects, one exe and two dlls they would each contain an identical .cs file consisting of all the custom defined exceptions.

Is this what you mean?

My concern is the duplication of the identical .cs file. Could there be a way to define the .cs file that all projects access without duplication?

kind regards Imran
Yes, sorry, in this case, I would do as your first suggest.. create a dll which contains all the exception definitions, and add the dll as a refernce to all required projects.
imran89Author Commented:
by creating a dll with all the exceptions...would this effect the way the exception will be thrown?

kind regards Imran
I think the exception should be defined in the assemblies which are throwing them.
- If you desing properly you only get exceptions of the assemblies you directly include.
- If an assembly needs an exception definition more or less it's in the responsibility of the assembly

You may have an assembly with basic definition and an abstract base exception which is included in all assemblies.

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