Remove pop-up description when mouse hovers over an object

How do I remove the bothersome pop-up description the shows up whwn the mouse pointer hovers over an icon or object?
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SheharyaarSaahilConnect With a Mentor Commented:
ok tell me.......when u did the registry modification.....u should not get the ballons for the system tray icons.....did u still got those balloons when u point ur mouse on any icon presents in the system tray....??

and unchecking, "SHOW POPUP DESCRIPTION FOR FOLDER AND DESKTOP ICONS" box will remove popup balloons when u point to any icon on the desktop, or to any files of folder present in My Copmuter.

and after doing these both things.....are u still getting these balloons in system tray and desktop......or somewhere while typing a password if capslock is on a popup balloon will come saying "CAPS LOCK IS ON" ??

if u read the above microsoft link provided by CrazyOne.....there the have written a line,

"These steps disable all Notification Area balloon tips for this user. There is no way to disable balloon tips for specific programs only."

so hence u can see.....that XP has no specific feature or method at the time that can remove these balloons for the whole system, but we can hope for the future ;)

CrazyOneConnect With a Mentor Commented:
This VB Script will add Disable Windows® XP's Balloon Tips.

HOW TO: Disable Notification Area Balloon Tips in Windows XP;en-us;307729
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jlm003Author Commented:
I checked my Registry settings as per the Microsoft url above but the Balloon Tips DWORD is set to '0' (Do not display) but I I'm still getting the pop-ups.

I  also tried both the VB_Scipt url and via that site's home page, but it's a dead end.  However, if the script basically modifies the Registry setting, then I'm back to square one.
heyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy man........simply double click on My on Tools in the menu baar......choose Folder Options........go to View Section.....and then uncheck "SHOW POPUP DESCRIPTION FOR FOLDER AND DESKTOP ICONS" which is mostly the last option in the Advance Settings area .

Umm I think your are looking for a system wide change here that affects everything correct? If so then I believe WIn98 had away to do this but I don't believe XP has it.
jlm003Author Commented:
I also checked the My Computer/Tools/FolderOptions/View and the "Show popup..." option IS unchecked.

I neglected to say that I'm running Win XP-Professional. And yes to CrazyOne's comment that I'm looking for a systemwide solution.

Guys, please don't give up on me!!!
heyyyyyyy i have found something here but im not sure abt that it will work or i can't test it on my system.....!!

see this page

here u will find a line in the first column, the number 11.

11. Disable Balloon Tips or Disable All

so that means u can disable the Balloon Tips or can Disable All balloons ;)

click on the "Disable All" , it will ak to save or open the file, chooz save, save it in a save palce, and after download is complet run this file, see this page has given the deirections:

"To use the Regedits:  Save the REG File to your hard disk. Double click it and answer yes to the import prompt. REG files can be viewed in Notepad by right clicking on the file and selecting Edit."

Another thing which they have affered is:

"Disable .Net Passport Balloon Pop-up - Restore"

means those .net passport balloons abt the messenger which u get in the notification area.
u can download both these registry files...and can run one by one to see the results...but remember after running one registry file...first restart ur computer and then run the secodn registry is more safe :)

hehehe...i got one more ;)

"Disable Background Notice Balloon in Messenger"

this registry can disable that balloon...which comes when u close messenegr and it says, "Messenegr is running in the background"

so u can download these three registry entries and run them!!
one more thing which i found is this site:
hushhhhhhhhhh.......That's ALL i can offer....:)
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