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Hello All,

I am using a javascript function I found on the internet to display a progress bar on the screen. My problem is that right now the progress bar "text", the text that moves across the screen to simulate that something is happening is black. I would like to make it another color but can't seem to find the proper syntax for doing this?

Any help? This is the code
var _progressBar = new String("");
_progressBar.fontcolor('red');   // THIS DOES NOT WORK?
var _progressEnd = 10;
var _progressAt = 0;
var _progressWidth = 150;      // Display width of progress bar

Thanks for the help.
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document.write('<div id="bar">' + _progressBar + '</div>')
document.getElementById('bar').style.color = 'red';  

Are you sure this is Javascript ?   for one thing variable-names starting with an '_' character should not be used (they are reserved for predefined values)

I am afraid I would need to see the entire script to make sense of this. could you give a link to the place where you found it?
I can not see  your code but I would image you are using a span,div,table or cell  with some id or a name for the bar.  I think you need this you want this

var _progressBarColor='red'  
var _progressEnd = 10;

if  obj is the name or id and where you have something like this for a span or div  

document.getElementById('obj').style.color = _progressBarColor
document.getElementByIName('obj').style.color = '_progressBarColor

 for a table cell replace 'color' with 'background'

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typos should read

I can not see your code but I would imagine you are using a span, div, table or table cell  with some id or a name for the bar.  I think you need something like this

var _progressBarColor='red'  
var _progressEnd = 10;

If  obj is the name or id  then use  for a span or div  

document.getElementById('obj').style.color = _progressBarColor
document.getElementByIName('obj').style.color = _progressBarColor

for a table or table  cell replace 'color' with 'background'

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MichaelVBAuthor Commented:
this is where I found the code

hey MichaelVB ,

maybe do you want prototype?
here is example:
function runit()

var progressBar = new String("Any help? This is the code");
String.prototype.color = "red";
String.prototype.colored = textColor;
progressBar = progressBar.colored();


function textColor()
   return "<FONT color='" + this.color  + "'>" + this + "</FONT>";
<button onclick=runit()>runit</button>
just change this line:
document.write("<input type=text name=\"bar\" size=\"" + _progressWidth/2 + "\"");

to this:
document.write("<input style=color:red type=text name=\"bar\" size=\"" + _progressWidth/2 + "\"");
Sorry, That script is horribly Old. written for IE4 and Netscape4. It might work in newer versions of IE, but not in newer netscape or any browser using the DOM model.

I would suggest you scrap it and replace it with code based on GwynforWebs code. evt get him to complete it. ( but no variablenames starting with '_' please :)
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