Where can I download IE6 install.exe?

It seems that IE6 can only be installed by live connection to the internet. The same goes for DirectX.

This new trend in installation techniques, that Microsoft obvioulsy wants to inflict upon us,  has cost one of my company offices a whole working day, because we had to fix a computer at that office, and we only have a 56K modem connection at that there. At times, the download speed was as low as 2 Kb/sec.

Q. Where can I get the full version of IE6 and DX9 so that I can put them on CDs and transport to wherever I want?

Q. Is there any software that can help me to keep to temporary files that are downloaded?

Q. Why is Microsoft trying to control our lives, and what can we do about it?

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>>>Q. Why is Microsoft trying to control our lives, and what can we do about it?

They aren't they are contolling their product.
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Can you rephrase your second question

Do you want to delete temporary internet files or store them

To delete them use thes e



To save them , go to IE --> tools --> internet options --> general --> settings and you can see the location (path) where it is stored. Copy it to CD or wherever you want

DirectX for most of OS


You can download IE6 from Microsoft, after downloading the installer, if you go into the settings or advanced (something like that, it's been awhile) you can choose to download to install later. I know, because I have done just that. However, you need to download the security patches from the catalog.  
Jason210Author Commented:

Where are these settings please?
Jason210Author Commented:

Thansk, but neitherof those links provide the answer I am looking for. They both rely on live installs, which means that whenever you install either DirectX or Internet Explore 6, you MUST have a live connection to the internet.

First, you'll need a computer without IE6. Then goto http://v4.windowsupdate.microsoft.com/en/default.asp and do the scan for update. Choose IE6 (for me, it was a 452k download, not sure if its different for different windows versions), after it downloads, it asks if you want typical install or customized. Choose customized. Then go into advanced. Check download only. The rest is straight foward.

Afterwards, you may want to install and do another scan. So you can find out the appropriate security patch and then download from the catalog.

< Is there any software that can help me to keep to temporary files that are downloaded? >

Could you clarify this question?

< Why is Microsoft trying to control our lives, and what can we do about it? >

Because they can, and there is always Linux. Seriously, Linux is becoming a real contender in the business OS market. Redhat Linux is making big money these days, however, the creators of Unix are currently suing IBM. They claim IBM swipped a few thousand lines of code from Unix and dropped it into Linux. So, Linux might have a couple set backs in the future.  
Jason210Author Commented:
Reply to CrazyOne

>>>Q. Why is Microsoft trying to control our lives, and what can we do about it?

>>They aren't they are contolling their product.

Oh yes they are. If we have jobs where we use computers, and those computers use Windows, then Microsoft force us to go on the internet. This means that you can't have up-to-date software installed on a machine that is internet free. We are forcesd to have internet connections. In one of my offices, Idon't have broadband, which means that I have to pay by the minute for this ****, just so that Microsoft can pick and poke around in my machine.  That affects my life.
Jason210Author Commented:
Reply to Bukowski:

<< Is there any software that can help me to keep to temporary files that are downloaded? >>

<Could you clarify this question?>

The live install system does put the installation files on your machine, but then removes them automatically. There is no obvious way you can stop this removal, so I wondered if there was software available that could kind of take care of this problem.

<< Why is Microsoft trying to control our lives, and what can we do about it? >>

<Because they can, and there is always Linux. Seriously, Linux is becoming a real contender in the business OS market. Redhat Linux is making big money these days, however, the creators of Unix are currently suing IBM. They claim IBM swipped a few thousand lines of code from Unix and dropped it into Linux. So, Linux might have a couple set backs in the future. > 

Glad you see Microsoft for what they are. I was thinking about having a computer with Linux on it. IBM will have a hard time proving their case, even if it is true.

Mean time, I have found IE6 from Crazy One's original post, and your last link for DirectX was for a redistributable version, which is what I was looking for.

I share the points equally now, but I welcome any comments regarding the oftware I mentioned.
That is one perspective but you can contact MS and get these things on CD. If you use linux you usually have to go online to get updates for it although that isn't what they call it, or the programs that are being used in that enviroment. Same with Apple so how is MS any different than these OS's. Internet is the best medium right now to distribute update. So no, MS isn't controlling our lives in this scenario they are just following a pattern that every body else is. QuickBooks is not owned by MS and how do you think you have to get updates for their product, correct online so no difference here either is there?

Think about it how else are you going to get the updates for everything you use on your computer. Do you think they are going to ship them to retail stores. Nope to costly for them and to the consumer. So you tell me what is the most cost effective way to distribute updates, correct the Internet.
Jason210Author Commented:
Perhaps I haven't been clear, because you're missing the point completely.

I'm not objecting to the internet as a medium for obtaining software. I find the internet the most convenient way of obtaining updates, patches and software - with broadband. But I only want to download the same update once. So it's the live install trend I object to. The live install means I have to download the same update over and over again, for every machine I own that needs it. Why? Why the live install? Why can't I just download an install.exe that one can burn to CD and distribute to other PCs in my home, or at my company, or install over the network from my server?. With the live install thing, every PC has to waste time downloading components. What a waste of bandwidth! Every workstation. That's not time effective, and it's certainly not cost effective. Certainly not in my company. At our outpost office where broadband is not and never will be available. We pay by the minute there. We don't like this live install business, it only causes problems.

I think it's pretty clear that the only argument for the live install system is to force every computer onto the internet - the question is why? Well, I have my perspective, as you said in the beginning of your previous comment.

Oh ok I understand and agree. :)

maybe already answered in previous comments, but better too much, than too little, too late.

It's true that IESetup for most of the Windows platforms has an option to ask you if want to download first, or a so called network administrative download.
However this does not apply for a system running Windows 2000 (Home or Pro), as well as XP. In that case, the PC has to be online, and the install files will be downloaded (as far as I remember into a subfolder of your Windows folder. Simply do a search for 'iesetup.ini' or 'ie6setup.exe, and you'll find it.

Now, so assume you running W2K, there is a work around, strangely enough not an option in the setup, but documented by Microsoft themselves. here goes:

1) Do download the ie6setup.exe as you can find on the web
2) make a shortcut to this ie6setup.exe , and put the shortcut somewhere, let's say your desktop.
3) rightclick and choose properties
4) Change the line in target into:
    "ie6setup.exe" /c:"ie6wzd.exe /d /s:""#E"
5) doubleclick the shortcut.

ie6setup now will ask for which platform you wanna download, as well where you wanna put it.

Any further details can be found on Microsoft's website, knowledge base, article:

Download-Only Setup of Internet Explorer on Windows 2000 and Windows XP

I hope this is qhat you where looking for.

Ernest McDuff
Jason210Author Commented:
Thanks Ernest McDuff. Can't give any points to you but I would have if the questions was still open!


snif... well, maybe some other time..

I'm unhappy......

If I have been of any help, than that's ok for me.

Actually. I appreciate the info. When I made my suggestion, I wasn't aware it would conflict with 2000 and xp users.

So, here are some points.

Charles, you shouldn't have.......

but did you made a typo? on the link it says 250, but you gave me a 1000 points? For which I am very grateful...

Ernest McDuff
Grade A = 250 x 4 = 1000
Grade B = 250 x 3 = 750
Grade C = 250 x 2 = 500


Listen Charles, as you might have understood, I am a newbee in Expert-exchange as well as in Access. I've worked with VBA about 2 years ago, so every little problem I have, I try to find an answer on EE.

Furthermore I am glad if I can help someone else.

Do I understand correctly, that points awarded and grades are multiplied? Furthermore, can I get points (to give away) only by buying them? I do see my available point increase now and again, and I didn't buy or subscribe.

Finally 'need to sign up VIP', does this mean I have to get a subscription (paid per onth), or can I just buy points for USD 12.95?

Thanks for any comment.
I think you can just buy points, I'm not sure. The VIP is $10 a month for unlimited points (I think).

Once you have earned 10 000 points, you can qualify for free vip, but you need at least 3000 points a month to earn it and keep it.

I think you can find more info here

You can download Internet Explorer 6 SP1 directly from Microsoft.  What you need is the proper command line switch to accomplish this.  To make this simple, go to http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details.aspx?FamilyID=1e1550cb-5e5d-48f5-b02b-20b602228de6&DisplayLang=en and download the ie6setup.exe file to a new folder called C:\IESetup.  Then from the "Run" dialogue run the following C:\IESetup\ie6setup /c:"ie6wzd.exe /d:1 /s:""#E"""  this will allow you to download to the folder C:\Windows\Windows Update Setup Files all of the files necessary to install IE6.  You will be presented with an option window allowing you to select the windows version of your choice and the download folder of your choice.  If you want you can download all of the files necessary for all versions of windows supported.  File size for the complete downoad is around 45MB.  This is covered in Microsoft Knowledge Base article 257249 http://support.microsoft.com/default.aspx?scid=kb;en-us;257249.  They did however make a typo regarding the double quotation marks surrounding the #E.  They state you need them then forgot to include them in their examples.
I found a better answer. The full install download comes in a zip file and I found it at NYU http://saturn.med.nyu.edu/it/help/windows/downloads/
suprised nobody mentioned the IEDK (sp?) its the IE development kit. you can create your own customized installer... excellent for corporate admins who wanna stick their own favorites/icons/skins/languages/logs etc.  get it from the microsoft site.
do a search on google.

Scott Wiseman
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There is the link of the solution:


Have a nice day.
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