refreshing a form while it's busy

I'm trying to make my program window stay painted even if another screen is activated and displayed in front of it.  This program runs a bunch of external programs.  I also have a duration to show how long it's been running.  My problem is that while I'm waiting for the process to complete, I am trying to make the program refresh the screen so that if I move a window over it, I can still go back to the screen and see the program status.  I don't feel all that confident in my understanding of the difference between update, refresh, and repaint, or what it means for an object to be invalid.  I have tried a bunch of combinations, but none of them work.  Here's what I have for the loop that I use to wait for the running process to complete.  Thanks in advance for your assistance.

  sleep( 2000 );
  lblTime.Caption := FormatDateTime('nn:ss',Time - StartTime);
  Result := Resultado;
until (Result <> STILL_ACTIVE) or Application.Terminated;
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Application.ProcessMessages doesn't work? E.g. replace sleep(2000) with Application.ProcessMessages...


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hello bnac, , you might use a different code to wait for your other process to finish

if FileExists(ProcessInfo.lpFile) and ShellExecuteEx(@ProcessInfo) then
  while WaitForSingleObject(ProcessInfo.hProcess, 100) <> WAIT_OBJECT_0 do
    lblTime.Caption := FormatDateTime('nn:ss',Time - StartTime);
    //  if you have Application.ProcessMessages you will NOT need the Refresh
  end else
bnacAuthor Commented:

I added Application.ProcessMessages, and dropped the sleep time to 250, and it's working exactly as I expected.  Taking out the sleep time caused the program to go from 0% CPU utilization to 90%.  Thanks for your amazingly quick response!

bnacAuthor Commented:
Slick, Thanks for your reply.  I'm going to keep the wait loop that I have though, because I've used it in a few apps, and it works well.
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