beeping noises

i have just replaced my pc with amd motherboard with 700mhz processor, when  first turned it on  it booted fine then when i pluged in my dvd-rom driveit beeped twice-eight times-twice again-then once     what should i do i have tryed unplugging it and botting it again and it does the same bleeps and there is nothing on screen please help very stuck

thanx john
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More than a single short beep when you start tells you something is wrong. The number of beeps tells you exactly what is wrong. However, in order to know what the sequence of beeps mean, you need to know the BIOS that you have. You can then find out from the web site or perhaps you have a manual that tels you this.

In the first instance, open your system and just connect the CPU, video card and memory. Make sure the connections are properly made. Boot up and if everything is fine, add the next device (eg hard drive) and then the next and so on.

I suspect some of your connections are not made properly or you have some incorrect settings. Try the above method for a start.
Any combination of beeps after two means that some of your memory is bad mean memory on a Phoenix bios.

Check your memory bus speed, your new motherboard may default to a higher speed.
johnlwarenceAuthor Commented:
how can i check my memory bus speed there is nothing on screen

proziath your advise still makes the beeping noises
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>how can i check my memory bus speed there is nothing on screen
It sounds like crispy fried memory or cpu.  If you have only the floppy, video, cpu, and memory and it still beeps swap the video card.  If you still get beeping swap the memory.  If you still get beeps pull the video and memory out and throw the mobo and cpu away.  They are cheaply replaced and not worth fighting with if it is one of those two.
If you still get multiple beeps with just memory and video card , then it could be  a case that memory or CPU or motherboard or  power supply unit or video card could be faulty. So the plan would be to put in memory that you know is healhty and see what happens.  Then you could try a healthy video card.  It is like detective work, a process of elimination.
Did I read it right? You plugged in your CD drive while the computer was up and running?  Perhaps that is not what you meant, but it appears the way.  Hopefully not, cause you can fry your 5 volt PS circuit.
for a list of the beep codes see here
 If you would tell us your mother board bios manufacturer we would be abel to tell much more about the problem
johnlwarenceAuthor Commented:
it is an amibios
Take a look at
Have you tried the bare bones system troubleshooting?
Ami bios : 8 beeps = Display Memory Failure
You should try to reseat the graphics card , if this doesn't work you will need to replace it
If you have an onboard graphics card try disabeling it & putting in another one.

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Have you tried anything yet?

Everything about beeping is here

Just locate your bios manufacturer and find out there the right page.

(you probably 1. unplugged a card. OR 2. burned (sorry) the mobo/card)
When you went in the machine you either knocked your graphics card or your RAM, reseat both firmly and you should be OK.
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