Error opening the Search utilitiy in Windows SB Server 2003

I just installed a W2k3 SB server and when I open the Search utility (Start, Search) I immeiately get the following error.  Any ideas?

Cannot find'::{e17d4f0-5564-11d1-83f2-00a0c90dc849}'. Make sure path or Interner address is correct.  When I select OKAY, i can see the normal interface.  Once I type my search string and select SEARCH, I get the same message again.  When I select OKAY the second time, a second windows appears as follows: Unexpected error, Action cound not be completed.  During this time the search function appeasr to be working fine as it locates the files.  I just installed this server and it is now in production.
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Hmm surprised cos it is coming even after you just installed

Try going system file checking

start --> run --> sfc /scannow


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Look under search and all possible solutions ..

Try each ...

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tcloudAuthor Commented:
Thx for the quick response Sunray.  I am running backups right now so I can't run the sfc command just yet.  BTW, any risk in sfc causing any problems?
You may want to read abt system file checker. There should be no problem;en-us;185836&

Not sure if this would help

Also try doing chkdsk

I found this for windows xp, may work with windows 2000 aswell

1. Copy / Paste the following to a Search.reg file:



@="Search Results Folder"

2. Merge the Search.reg with your registry or run regedit /s Search.reg.
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Windows 2000

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