The computer wont start. Just sitts there. no lights, beeps or any thing just the fan running.

I have a gatway running windows xp Home. I think it may have a virus. When i start it the light that is on the front of the computer, that is supposed to be green is orange. The fan comus on and thats it. No moniter sound keyboards mouse nothing. I removered the cr drive floppy hard drive and ram and it made no difference. I think it may be a bios thing but not sure. is there any way to fix it, or do i have to send it back to gatway. Thank you
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Windows Update Is Not Installed

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I apologise

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I think you may need to take this into a shop so they can run diagnostic tests ont it. It could be fault RAM or CPU or Motherboard ect.

If you are heare beeps

Take a look at this
scroll until you see "BIOS Beep Codes:"

Unfortunately there are many versions of the Award BIOS, and they are supported not by one company, but by the motherboard maker. Award's website states "Award Software software products are sold to a board or system manufacturer ("hardware vendor"), who customizes them further before selling the system. Award Software cannot supply upgrades for a BIOS that has been subsequently modified by hardware vendors."
Gump2000Author Commented:
I cant run any of those the computer dosen't start at all the monitor dosen't come on windows dosen't start nothing.
Have you changed monitors and checked

Gump2000Author Commented:
it dosen't beep when you turn it on
Gump2000Author Commented:
i checked the moniter its not it. is there any way i can huck it to my other computer and fix/check it
hmm..  If you are confident about monitor , then try pressing F2 key when you try to boot... Check to see if something happens

Gump2000Author Commented:
nope nothing at all
What happens when you put in the OS CD in the drive and then start .. Does it show anything ....

May be hardisk or RAM failure here

Gump2000Author Commented:
no nothing the drive wont even open.
Like said have a trained technician take a lookd at it. in long it would probably be the most cost affective.

However Power Supplies don't cost too much. you might think about replacing it to see if maybe the is the cause.

Remove everything that is installed or connected to your computer so the only things remaining in the case are:

Motherboard, processor, and cooling fan
Graphics card
One stick of RAM
One hard drive
One CD ROM drive

No sound card, no network interface card, no modem, no extra hard drives or CD ROM drives. Especially important is not to have more than one memory stick, and it should be a minimum of 128MB. Connect up the monitor, the keyboard and the mouse and power up the machine.
Go into the BIOS settings and look for a setting for the basic BIOS default configuration. Select it, then make sure that if you're booting from a CD ROM that the CD drive is the first boot device.

Reboot and let see.....................
Once you have the basic operating system in place it's a simple matter to start adding back in the extra memory, drives, and devices that were stripped out initially.

Add the pieces back one memory stick, one hard drive, one network interface card at a time and test the system for proper operation after each addition.

i would contact gateway support and see what they have to say....even if it is out of warranty they should still be able to help you to find an they may want to try to sell you the new parts they have an interest in solving the prob...
if it is still under warranty then they may just send you the parts to fix it and you can install them yourself....

ok after some thought i am thinking this could be a stuck power switch or reset switch,

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Gump2000Author Commented:
Ok i think i will take it in to get looked at. Thanks for your help.
What model is it??
IS IT 1400??
IF is this model it maybe cause by the board that connect to it.
It will need some test to make it working again.
U have try to plug the module back until it work.
so what was the solution to the issue?

thank you
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