DirectDraw 7 Picture is being 'slanted' with most surface widths

I have writen a method the takes a an apmatrix or colors and turns it into a DD7 Surface. It works great if the width of the suface is a multiple of 24 pixels. Otherwise the pisture is there, but slanted. If i do one pixel under a multiple of 24 then each line down the image is offset by one pixel to the right. I am running this with a screen color depth of 32 bpp. The height of the surface does not seem to matter.

Here is my method:
LPDIRECTDRAWSURFACE7 Color2Image(apmatrix<int> colors)
  int lX = 0, lY = 0;
  HRESULT retval = 0;

  int SurfaceSize = 0;
  if (ColorDepth == 16)
    SurfaceSize = colors.numrows() * 2 * colors.numcols();
  else if (ColorDepth == 24)
    SurfaceSize = colors.numrows() * 3 * colors.numcols();
  else if (ColorDepth == 32)
    SurfaceSize = colors.numrows() * 4 * colors.numcols();
  else //Not an acceptable bit depth
    return NULL;
  unsigned char * yArray = new unsigned char[SurfaceSize];
  ZeroMemory(yArray, SurfaceSize);

  //Create the surface
  ZeroMemory(&DDsd, sizeof(DDsd));
  DDsd.dwSize = sizeof(DDsd);
  DDsd.dwHeight = colors.numcols();
  DDsd.dwWidth = colors.numrows();

  if (ColorDepth == 16) { //Transfer to a 16-bit surface
  } else if (ColorDepth == 24) { //Transfer to a 24-bit surface
  } else if (ColorDepth == 32) { //Transfer to a 32-bit surface
    for (lY = 0; lY < colors.numcols(); lY++) {
      for (lX = 0; lX < colors.numrows(); lX++) {
        yArray[lX * 4 + colors.numrows() * 4 * lY + 0] = GetBValue(colors[lX][lY]); //Transfer 'b' byte
        yArray[lX * 4 + colors.numrows() * 4 * lY + 1] = GetGValue(colors[lX][lY]); //Transfer 'g' byte
        yArray[lX * 4 + colors.numrows() * 4 * lY + 2] = GetRValue(colors[lX][lY]); //Transfer 'r' byte
        yArray[lX * 4 + colors.numrows() * 4 * lY + 3] = 0; //Skip every 4th byte (alpha channel)
  } else { //Not an acceptable bit depth
    delete[] yArray;
    return false;
  retval = lpDD->CreateSurface(&DDsd, &Surf, NULL);
  retval = Surf->SetColorKey(DDCKEY_SRCBLT, &TransColorKey);
  //Draw the data onto the surface
  BYTE* pDDSurf = (BYTE*)DDsd.lpSurface;
  ZeroMemory(pDDSurf, SurfaceSize);
  memcpy(pDDSurf, yArray, SurfaceSize);
  retval = Surf->Unlock(NULL);
  delete[] yArray;
  return Surf;
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thaiminAuthor Commented:
I solved the problem. It is because the pitch is forced to be a multiple of 24 (at least on my graphics card) and so you have to copy each row individually, only copying the width of the image each time, but to an area that is row * pitch on the surface.
Here is the code that replaces memcpy(pDDSurf, yArray, SurfaceSize);

BYTE* pDDSurf = (BYTE*)DDsd.lpSurface;
for (lY = 0; lY < colors.numcols(); lY++)
      memcpy(&pDDSurf[lY * DDsd.lPitch], &yArray[lY * bpr], bpr); //where bpr is bytes per row
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