Cloning Windows 2000 drive to a new drive Plus getting RAID to work afterwords

I'm having a problem cloning Win2K to a new hard drive.  The original hard drive has physical damage on it.  A case of HDI.  This drive is part of a RAID 1.  It was the only surviving drive.  I can't rebuild the array with the damage as the controller card won't permit it.  I've attempted to clone this drive to a new one using the latest version of Ghost.  I've tried the switch -ia, and just standard ghost with no switches, to no avail.  It clones great, but when I try to get the array put back together, I get an error saying the last 64kb of this drive has problems.  This is where the damage is on the original drive.  When I said to go ahead anyway, it blew the data off both drives after the array went through its rebuilding cycle even though the imaging performed by the RAID utility said it was successful.   I'm using the Promise Technology FastTrak TX2 controller card.  Fortunately, I've safeguarded the original surviving hard drive and this is being done with two new drives.  Is there a way to just drag and drop the entire contents of the surviving hard drive to a new drive like I used to be able to do witn Win95/98?  I am running out of solutions and I really need to get this RAID back on line this weekend.  HELP!
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Luc FrankenEMEA Server EngineerCommented:

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TangledTechAuthor Commented:
I'm giving it a try now.  I'll let you know how it works.

TangledTechAuthor Commented:
The backup and restore went off without a hitch.  However, when trying to establish the RAID, I still got the message that there were 64kb at the end of the drive that could cause a problem.  I aborted the array rebuild, but it still blew off all the data.  Back to square one.  I wish I knew what I was doing wrong and Promise is closed on the weekends.  Anybody have any suggestions?  
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Luc FrankenEMEA Server EngineerCommented:
>I aborted the array rebuild
why?? I don't really understand why you stopped this proces, you should keep it running, you said you made your backup, you can use the array checking function later on to make sure everything is fine.
TangledTechAuthor Commented:
After allowing the array process to rebuild on two previous occasions, and having it blow off all the data that I had just restored I thought I'd try to save myself some work.  It still didn't help.  The array says it rebuilds correctly, and it does rebuild as an array, however it blows all the data off the source drive.  
Luc FrankenEMEA Server EngineerCommented:
Hmmz, that's not good, are you sure you set the right drive to mirror from?
TangledTechAuthor Commented:
Yes, I'm positive I've selected the correct drives as source and destination.  I just got off the phone with Promise.  They want me to upgrade the bios on the card.  I believe I've spotted the problem.  There's a "gigabyte boundary" switch in the fast build utility for the card  for the purpose of using drives that vary slightly in size.  If it's set to on, it apparently messes with the drive's partition table.  It's supposed to be defaulted to off.  It's defaulting to on and I can't access the setting to change it.  This would explain why even just creating the array blows all the data off the drive, before I even get to the duplication process.  I'm going to try this bios upgrade and take it from there.
TangledTechAuthor Commented:
This situation was handled with a bios upgrade to the Promise FastTrak TX2 Raid card.  It was the "gigabyte boundry" option that was causing the problem of deleting the data from the hard drive.  The RAID is back on line with two new hard drives and working flawlessly.
Luc FrankenEMEA Server EngineerCommented:
Glad to help ;-) And thanQ for closing your open question. HNY!

TangledTechAuthor Commented:
You're welcome LucF.  You gave me the simplest solution for doing the clone.  The RAID was its own thing.  Thank you very much for your help in my time of need.
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